An October issue from btw discusses the recent laws four states made to promote Asian American and Pacific Islander education in the article, “AAPI History Required in Illinois Schools.” Illinois, Ohio, New York, and Wisconsin are the states who have passed or are going through similar legislation to require AAPI history in the school curriculum. However, although it is a requirement, it is up to the district and/or schools to decide on the extent of content that will be taught. Political figures and sociology experts agree that this change is for the good because it combats ignorance and mistreatment of the AAPI community. The rise in anti-AAPI violence has also motivated states like New York to pass similar legislation.

Do you think more states should promote this type of education?
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Women of Chinese descent in New York’s Chinatown neighborhood Source: btw

I think that these initiatives taken are a right step into the right direction. Unfortunately, ignorance within our country may lead to division, discrimination, and even violence. Learning about each other’s culture and history is important because our country is diverse, thus understanding is vital. It would be interesting to see if more states follow along.

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January 12, 2022 4:58 pm

Dear Jade:

I am happy to know that there is currently a push to increase education about more people/cultures. Considering the United States is often regarded as a “melting pot”, it would only make sense to teach people all about the people of the United States. Education, I feel, is often the first step in combating ignorance so a move such as this is very important and especially relevant to AAPIs considering the recent increase in violence towards them. 

A sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “Unfortunately, ignorance within our country may lead to division, discrimination, and even violence. Learning about each other’s culture and history is important because our country is diverse, thus understanding is vital.” I agree with this because as I stated, education is a crucial step in combating ignorance. Along with this, everyone should be able to have their cultures represented in their schools as to feel included in American society as many are able to do as a default.

Thank you so much for informing me about this topic! I look forward to whatever you write next because issues/developments such as these are interesting to me. It’s obvious you are wanting to spread awareness about important things which makes me want to continue to listen to what you have to say.

-Maritza ^^*

November 16, 2021 7:41 pm

Jade, I love the awareness you are spreading about this topic. The United States is a multicultural country that has so much diversity. Because of this vast diversity, I would assume we would learn about all the cultures across the board yet, we don’t! It’s refreshing to see that some states are taking the education of cultures into their own hands and advocating for it! We do need more of this education across the whole country. Everyone deserves to learn and share who they are and when we don’t allow education to further the knowledge we fall back into a place of no change. Thank you for sharing this article and I am intrigued about what you bring to light next!

November 11, 2021 1:44 am

Dear jade,
I am intrigued by your post on applying pressure to school education. Especially since the United States teaches only American history, having options of deciding whether or not to take more classes should be something provided for students. Having education about Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders is important. This could open gateways for open-mindedness and coming together just like you stated.
I do agree that other states should be more open to this type of education because not a lot of people are able to learn about it. This could teach young minds to see outside of their culture as well as spread awareness of different cultures. 
Thanks for writing this article. I look forward to seeing more about what you have to say.

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