Author: Alyssa

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Moving Forward from Private Schools’ Racist Past

Although swept under the rug, many private schools, especially Christian schools, have a racist past of segregation that cannot be ignored. According to the article “Some Christian schools are finally grappling with their racist past and segregated present,” many Christian private schools were created directly after the Supreme Court decision that demanded immediate desegregation of all public schools.

This article also goes into more detail about the specifics of how these private Christian schools don’t acknowledge the past while simultaneously keeping reminders of this racism in the school. For example, Alma Heights Christian Academy is named after a xenophobe and racist that has close ties to the Klu Klux Klan. With this constant reminder of racism at the forefront of the school, it is obvious that a change needs to be made in order to move on from the past.

The article goes on to mention a solution to fix this problem of racism in the private school system. The first step? Conversation. In order to adequately move on from the past, there first needs to be a dialogue about what happened in the past and how the current administration denounces everything the school used to stand for. Then comes the renaming of the school. The article explains, ” In November 2017, Chen took the position as head of school, with the promise that a new advisory board would pursue a name change over the next few years.”

I think this is a good start to combatting the issue of racism in private schools, and I believe the only objections people could have to this solution is the change not coming quickly enough. I would tend to agree with this statement as well. I agree dialogue is important, but I feel like the name change should be the priority. All in all, small change is better than no change at all, and I am glad there are people fighting to move on from their racist pasts.