I remember every Christmas when my mom and I made empanadas. She cooked the stuffing and left in in the top part of the refrigerator out of our reach. I could stay the whole morning starting in the kitchen. For an hour I could annoy my mom by asking the same question million times Where are my empanadas? …

The empanadas weren’t done. I began to lose my patience so I went downstairs to my Aunt’s house. The Christmas tree was on, it was amazing. I was sitting next to the Christmas tree until they called me “Manuel, Quieres una empanada?

Empanada? Of course, I wanted an Empanada

I just walked through the living room where all the fruit platter paintings are. The greasy smell of the oil and the warm air colliding with my face. My cousin, Nathali, gave me the most gold empanada of the group wrapped in a napkin. It made my mouth water, with craving, I took a big bite as if someone is almost stealing my precious empanada.

The crunchiness and crispiness threw me to another world, where there is just me and the empanada. I ignore everything that was happening around me until I heard something Man… Manuel… MANUEL!… It was my mom! She didn’t know I was downstairs. I thanked my cousin and gave her the empanada. I ran upstairs with just one thing in my mind “I didn’t get to the stuffing.”

-“Mami my empanada!” came out from my mouth.

-“Yes, my son,” my mother said.

I take my empanada from the group of the hot ones and then again, the crunchiness and crispiness throw me to another world, where there is just me and the empanada. Everything is going white then is nuanced with orange and red my mind is blowing up. This empanada was my Nirvana, my Gan Eden, The Fields Of Aaru, my Vaikuntha, my Elysium, I feel this empanada was the heaven of those religions, my motive to keep going in life, my motive to die right now, I want to this flavor be my last…

After that, I said I’m done, and I told my mom, it was good, can I have another one? She said yes and then you know the rest of the story… the crunchiness and crisp….

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December 8, 2017 5:12 pm

What a great story . I love it

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