In contrast to my overall opinion on the drinking age I have found research that explains why the drinking age should be lowered from 21 and not raised. It goes over many important key factors and shows that there are valid reasons for lowering the age instead of just raising it.

According to Ali Throm in Lowering the Drinking Age to 18 is better than keeping it at 21 the biggest point she makes is that once you tell anyone that they can’t do something they will automatically want to do it, and most especially it seems to be this way with teenagers. That if done properly lowering the drinking age to 18 is in fact a smart idea. She also mentions that as crazy as it may sound consuming a light to moderate amount of alcohol can be healthy for you, and may be able to decrease the risk of some diseases. But that if becomes a habit like binge drinking for example that’s where problems can really arise. Overall she puts it in the way that we all personally have self control and we will use it how we like when we chose to.

According to Dwight B. Heath when he wrote Should the U.S. lower its drinking age? on CNN he says that the age should be lowered to 8 or maybe even 6. He believes that as adults one should start educating a person especially a child, and most importantly that when it comes to a topic that is as important and serious as alcohol. That in general the younger a person starts to drink the safer it will become for them in the future. That their attitude towards alcohol will be better and more clear to understand. But in contrast that if the age is left at 21 something he calls  the “forbidden fruit syndrome” will soon occur. And from there people will only consume and use alcohol in ways that are bad for them, especially since they weren’t educated about it at a early stage.

After reading and going over this research more I have come to conclude that there are still good point made but I still believe the age should be kept at 21 and not lowered.

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