A huge debate the last 10 years has been what can parents do to help their kids get enough sleep to help their brain develop fully during their teen years. There are multiple ways, but because there are so many electronics and devices that keep kids up at night it is hard nowadays. A very important way that can help kids get more sleep is by taking away electronics after a certain time at night, because so many waste an average of at least a couple hours a day, because they are distracted on their cellular devices. If teachers also do more work in class, so that they will not give out as much homework. Homework is another reason that students do not get enough sleep that they need for their brain to function. Not only that, but if that were to happen, statistics show that when you get more sleep you will have better moods, which will lead to more friends and a happier life. 

Overall sleep is an essential. Statistics show that regardless of how much a student studies each day, if they do not get the proper amount of sleep that they need, the student will have much more trouble understanding the assignment the next day than if the student were to go to bed and get a healthy amount of sleep. This is a perfect example of how teachers should not assign as much homework to help students develop their brains to understand the material better after being well rested. Not only that, but not enough sleep can cause children to become obese, develop type 2 diabeters, get in car accidents, along with depressoin, anxiety, and irritablity. 

In the long run if students are able to develop good sleep habits it will lead to a long lasting healthier life than those who do not get the proper amount of sleep. This is why good sleep habits need to start young, because when you do something when you are little it becomes a habit, therefore if you go to bed early and do not use your phone you are most likely to do that your whole life. Whereas if you have gone your whole childhood staying up late, stressing over school, and doing homework in the future you are more likely to have much more stress and problems that could easily be avoided with more sleep. Therefore if students are able to learn good sleeping habits and able to do a healthy amount of homework as a child then when they are older they are very likely to be more successful and happier. 

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December 10, 2019 4:07 am

Hi Emily,
I am interested in your topic. Nowadays, plenty of students cannot get enough sleep when they studied at school. In order to get a good great, students need to make the decision between sleep and grade. Most of them will choose to give up the sleep. They can use the sleep time to study. It is really bad for students health. What’ more, if students cannot get enough sleep, they will fall asleep in the class. Also, they will feel tired or sick.

December 10, 2019 4:07 am

Hi Emily,
I really enjoyed reading your argument and agree with your statement especially since it affects myself and many people I know everyday. Sleep is very essential and teenagers these days are not getting enough due to new technology and homework, like you mentioned. I found another source that gives more examples about why we need sleep: https://www.sleepfoundation.org/articles/why-do-we-need-sleep
Sincerely, Madi Tartaro

December 10, 2019 2:41 am

Hi Emily,
I was interested in your essay, because I have believed for a long time that people need to get more sleep. Sleep is important for people of all ages but especially kids. One thing that you said that stuck out to me was ” if students develop good sleep habits it will lead to a long lasting healthier life”. I agree I think that healthy living is all about make the right choices and then developing those things into habits. I also agree that parents should take away electronics from kids at night. I know that personally I sometimes go to bed early but then end up playing on my phone late into the night. Thanks for sharing, I support your argument and I hope you continue to write about it.

December 9, 2019 11:36 pm

Dear Emily,
I am inspired by your story, “More sleep? I think Yes!” because it is very powerful and authoritative. The way you emhaziede the idea to having a good sleep in teens years, just because developed the brain and it will lead us to do a better job at academic life by concentrating a lesson or topic.

One line that stands out for me is, “ Not enough sleep can cause children to become obese, develop type 2 diabeters, get in car accidents, along with depressoin, anxiety, and irritablity” this point is absoulately true and intriguing. This teaches us that we should have a good sleep in order to avoid this problem because this would ruin our normal life into worse.

Another line that stands out for me, “ if students are able to develop good sleep habits it will lead to a long lasting healthier life than those who do not get the proper amount of sleep” there is a phrase in english its says, Health is wealth. When our health is fine, its helps us to do things very fast and easily.
Your story reminds me of my childhood when my mom used to say,“Go to sleep early, so you can wake up early in the morning and feels fresh and energetic.”

Thanks for your story. I am looking forward to seeing what you make next.

Reply to  Yeanoor
December 12, 2019 12:42 am


Reading your essay was a blast. In all reality students who aren’t recieving the proper amount of sleep will afect their performance. I also believe this issue is so incredibly underrated, as we are still developing our brains, it is important that we take certain meausres and take care of our body both physical and mentally As it affects both equally.. As a student it is so hard because we are constantly overflowed with assignments,projects, therefore we lack sleep which increases our stress levels.

December 9, 2019 10:25 pm

Hey Emily,
I liked your argument as to why teachers and schools should give out less homework to students. It is really important to maximize the students potential to learn, and getting enough sleep is vital to a good learning experience. I liked when you said that good sleeping habits will lead to a long lasting, healthier lifestyle. This is very true. Here is a link I found that you might like about how people can get more sleep. https://www.cancer.org/latest-news/how-to-get-more-sleep.html
-Sophie Ewing

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