The brain chemistry of any person is very important to understand. It is very important to understand because it can tell us a lot about a person and why they act the way they do. It is very important to know about the psychology as well because the psychology is a very great way to know more about what is going on inside the brain. Although psychology is a fairly new science, it comes hand in hand with the brain and is interesting to look into when it comes to people with differences.

Along with their brain chemistry, serial killers have a very different psychology from that of a normal person. One vital point in the life of a serial killer is narcissism. The type of narcissism that is present in serial killers is malignant narcissism. “In malignant narcissism, the true self of the narcissist is replaced by a false construct, imbued with omnipotence, omniscience, and omnipresence. The narcissist’s thinking is magical and infantile. He feels immune to the consequences of his own actions” (“The Psychology of Serial Killers”). On the contrary, his/her defense mechanisms are primitive. This idea is super important in understanding the motives of serial killers because, with this information, we are able to come to the conclusion that many incidents aren’t personal, they more so are about the killer and their “painful relationship with his object of desire” (“The Psychology of Serial Killers”). In the end, it all comes down to the person’s sense of desire and belonging.

According to Eve Grenlie, a psychology teacher at Judge Memorial, another factor of psychology that is significant is McDonald’s Triad. McDonald’s Triad is also known as the triad of sociopathy or homicide. This triad is a set of three factors that include killing small animals, setting off fires, and/or wetting the bed after the age of 12. If someone experiences two or more of these tendencies it is said that they might be later associated with violent tendencies, particularly with relation to serial killers. Although this triad isn’t the most reliable source for spotting a serial killer, all these tendencies have to do with changes in the brain that can lead to a life of killing.

You don’t have to be enlightened to realize that there is something wrong with the actions, thoughts, and mindset that serial killers have. Not only can we physically see these differences, but there is also a ton of medical and psychological research that supports this argument.  Evidently, there is a lot that plays into the formation of a serial killer. Sometimes it can be as simple as the passing down of genes, but other times, it can be as complicated as the way one is brought up. It has become obvious that their brain chemistry drastically differs from those of normal people, and that these differences play a major role in the crimes they commit.

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February 26, 2019 1:33 am

Great article, Maggie! I found it interesting how you differentiated that the problems can stem down to genes or can come from the way one is brought up. Based on your post, I think you would really enjoy this article ( I look forward to reading your future posts!

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