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I remember the realization that I might not be seeing my friends for a while.
I remember Tuesday and Wednesday blending together.
I remember having no motivation to do school work.
I remember staying in my bed.
I remember things seeming to get worse in the world around me.
I remember no good news.
I remember going outside once a week.
I remember 7 pm when everyone would clang pots and pans outside the window.
I remember ghostly streets.
I remember all the Soho shops being closed.
I remember empty shelves at Morton Williams.
I remember the longing for things I didn’t appreciate before. 

I remember not feeling April shift to May.
I remember getting used to it.
I remember my feet hanging out the window in the sun.
I remember completely not caring about school.
I remember getting happier.
I remember seeing Haylah for the first time in almost 2 months.
I remember a shift that day.
I remember taking the 6 train and only 2 people being on it.
I remember spring.
I remember going to fire island and it seemed like we had the whole palace to yourself.
I remember masks starting to get uncomfortable because of the heat. 

I remember the longing for summer break.
I remember seeing more friends after 3 and half months.
I remember the realization that this is gonna be the new normal for a while.
I remember not being fazed by it. 
I remember my love for music growing.
I don’t even remember doing school.
I remember not being stressed about certain things.
I remember the protests.
I remember the chants and signs.
I remember the anger and sadness.
I remember being scared of my own government.
I remember the hat store across the street’s glass window being broken down when I was looking out my window.
I remember not knowing what to make of it.
I remember the PBS every night.
I remember hating people in power even if I didn’t know them.
I remember wondering if things will get better.
I remember still being happy though. 

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