Oh world, oh so digitalized. Our love, medicalized. No time for nature. No time for the world around us. But this age of digitalism wears thin on people’s psyches. The everpresent 9-5 kills a man. Many of us wish for More.

This longing for nature is only human and has driven humans for eons. It is nothing new to counter digitalism. However, it is more romantic today as it opposes the world revolving around the internet.

This longing moves many people towards Druidry. Druidry is a moment that revolves around healthy relationships with the earth and nature. Modern Druidry came to be around the late 18th century and is slightly different from ancient Druidry (as ancient Druidry involved human and animal sacrifices.)

Druidry still requires time and effort, and many find the practice less romantic when they start since they find it time-consuming, and less convenient than their way of life prior. However, those who stick with it find it rewarding.

There is no mastering Druidry, it is lifelong learning at its core.

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November 13, 2022 5:15 pm

Dear Jimmy, I am very fawned of your post on ¨modern day druidy¨ because druidy is a topic not very many understand or its significance.

What stood out to me about your post was your 3rd paragraph because you talked about how ancient druidy involved human and animal sacrifices and it’s honestly surprising how people would sacrifice others back then.

Thanks for your writing jimmy I look forward to seeing what other ideas \ topics you have in the future.

November 13, 2022 6:51 am

Dear Jimmy, I adored your post on “Modern Day Druidy” because not many know how much Druidry has changed or its significance. I, myself didn’t fully know how much it has changed and how time-consuming it is.

Your first paragraph is what stood out to me the most because you wrote what many druids think and how much people who don’t think of themselves as druids think of these exact words. As well as how you emphasized “More” not only did you slant it but you capitalized it, to show its importance to want it.

Thanks for your writing I really look forward and what other concept you’ll be writing about and how you’ll phrase it


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