Misconceptions about Poverty: Presentation by Ashley

May 17, 2019


Misconceptions about Poverty: Presentation

As the weeks have progressed I created an informative video based on the myths vs realities about poverty.

The reason I created this presentation was in order to inform people of the many misconceptions of poverty. Many are unaware that these misconceptions are false and interpret them as facts, without any evidence to prove it. With this video it can be backed up and explained into more detail and visual and audio uses.

I hope that it might reach a wider audience but due to the lack of popularity it is most likely not going to occur. Despite this, to whoever watches I hope the message is evident and that with this presentation to spread and inform other so we all can understand the truth. Stay informed!

Also go check out my blog with two other students whom which we alternate posting content and posts! http://peopleoverpoverty.home.blog