They ask me who I do it for, and most people expect to hear, “For myself”. I do it for the people that never had a chance. I lost my sister when she was one years old, and I lost my brothers to the system when they were young. So all I ever dreamed of doing was to get my brothers back and help troubled families before it got too late. Now I own a Business helping foster kids and families in need.  I created this program called Hope to keep families together. Giving classes to parents to help build better and stronger bonds with their kids and give any advice needed. Classes for children to learn how to cope with their tempers and feelings and how to talk to their parents about anything and everything. Opportunities and support for foster youth to have a bright future.

Well, today is the first annual opening. I am so nervous. All I could think of while I was getting my hair and makeup done is, “I finally did it, I finally made it.” I looked up and stared at myself in the mirror and tried to keep myself from crying. I was so proud of myself. Then my two little brothers ran into the room and hugged me saying it’s time to go Ate (Big Sister). Seeing them happy warms my heart. I got up and was ready to start this journey. When I walked out all I saw was beautiful people and so much light coming from the flashes of people’s phones. I knew nothing can stop me now. I had my little brothers on the side of me, my sister in my heart, and a huge pair of scissors I was ready to cut the ribbon.

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February 5, 2018 11:27 pm

Dear Christy,

        I really enjoyed reading your post because I felt like you were writing straight from your heart. As I read your post, I was inspired to become just like you and create my own program to help those in need. I relate to many of your experiences like losing a loved one at a young age and siblings getting sent to jail. I’m so sorry for your lost, I know exactly how it feels to lose someone, but not someone that was so young, like in your case. I can only imagine how would that feel. I really appreciate you spreading your positivity to the world. I feel like this world needs people like you and just maybe, there wouldn’t be so many disconnected families.
February 1, 2018 6:02 pm

I really enjoyed reading this story, I thought that it was a powerful thing you did by opening Hope. My grandmother works with an organization in Utah called The House of Hope, which is sort of a half way house for women who were recently released from jail or struggling with drug addiction, things like that, and their children. Though the two organizations are different, reading this made an impact on me because I have also worked with The House of Hope and seen the struggles that some people can face. Keep doing what you’re doing, because it’s ideas like yours that change peoples lives. I think it’s awesome that you took initiative and opened Hope, it’s inspiring.

February 1, 2018 5:56 pm

Your story touched my heart. This was beautifully written and you wrote about your family with such love I could feel it. You have come a long way and I find your story interesting because it is very inspiring. I would love to know more about your organization, “Hope,” and all the work you do. Thanks for sharing your positivity and you’re right, nothing can stop you now.

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