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Mind Hunter by John Douglas and Mike Olshaker

My name is Marisa and I chose to read this book because I’m very interested in criminal psychology and John Douglas is considered by some to be the father of criminal psychology. I think this book is really good and really recommend it for people especially if they are interested in any form of criminal psychology, or even if you listen to true crime podcasts while cleaning. At the beginning it starts a bit slow with information about the Behavioral Science Unit as well as John Douglas’s own personal credentials and upbringing and how he has always been profiling people in his life. He then progresses onto talking about infamous names and his involvement in them and his contributions. Some killers talked about are the BTK killer, the green river killer, Charles Manson, and multiple more. In each chapter it is formatted in a way that explains the case (the murders, the environment, ect.) and then with each piece of evidence or behavior the killer presented John comments on it from a profile standpoint, he makes claims and supports it by evidences found through other interviews with killers, he sometimes refers back to interviews he did with other killers. The most recent bit of the story I and reading is about the Atlanta child murders, he presents the evidence given to the police and then continues to follow it up with his profile and why he chose that based on past similarity or referring to his knowledge from his psychology degree (claim, evidence, reasoning).”Because of that and the children’s relative lack of sophistication, I did not think it would take much of a lure.” this quote states the evidence and then elaborates about the entire profile referring to why it wouldn’t take much to lure the children and how the type of person to lure them would have a specific personality. They then continue on to describe the entire profile.

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