Ocean Parkway

I am Shehri. One day I am going to the Ocean Parkway and I see a lot of cars moving. I am sitting on the chair and I see the pigeons flying here and there. I obverse that the pigeons are hungry. I am going home and I see that the bread is on the table. I am taking the bread for the pigeons and I come back the bread in my hands. The pigeons are looking at the bread and I am  throwing it to them. They are very happy to eat the bread and fly happily. There are a lot of trees on Ocean Parkway. The trees are very beautiful.

Gas Station

There are a lot of cars going for oil to filling their cars’ tanks. The gas station is very clean. All the men and women are there to fill the tanks. I see that all people are going and they are filling the tanks themselves. In the gas station, there is a store to buy the snacks and enjoy them. The man in the store is sitting in the chair in front of a lot of things to eat. There are the things that are related to the cars and to check the cars that they are ready to go for the road.

Grocery Store 

In my neighborhood, there was a grocery store, and I’m going later for grocery shopping. There were a lot of materials in it. The first thing that I was going to in the grocery shop was the shopkeeper man standing on the floor. In front of him, there are a lot of chocolates and in the freezer, there is a lot of ice cream. In the back of the shop, a man is cutting the meat. There were a lot of kinds of meat: chicken, mutton, beef and all other kinds of meat they are cutting in the shop.

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October 17, 2022 4:27 pm

Hi Sheri! I’m interested in your writing about your neighborhood because you described Sunset Park Neighbourhood beautifully
One thing I learned from your community that stood out for me is “They are very happy to eat the bread and fly happily.” I think this is so kind because you fed them and they express happiness to you. 
Your writing connects to my own experience. For, I’ve been to Prospect Park and I saw a lot of pigeons. And then I jumped out and scared them. It’s a funny moment I think  
Thanks for your work on Youth Voices. I look forward to seeing what you write next because your post is very interesting to me.

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