I am an extroverted, smiling person. I like to help people and I am very loving and shy, but when I am confident, I am the opposite. I like music and dancing, since my whole family loves to dance. I love the typical food of my country and that’s what I miss too. In Ecuador, I lived in Guayaquil. It is a very beautiful city full of many tourist places. The school I was in was religious but full of charms, I made very good friends there from a very young age. I entered that school when I was 8 years old and stayed until was 15. Immigrating to an unknown country, and leaving friends and family was a very shocking point in my life, but I try to handle it positively.

My strengths are communication. I like to communicate things a lot and also for people to communicate with me, whether it’s something they don’t like about me or whether they want to be clear. Another strength is I adapt very quickly to changes, although it sometimes costs a little, but I feel that it is something new and different. I am proud of my third strength is  empathy. I like to be empathetic with people because I feel that it is the best way to help someone or understand the person. My work in progress is to have very good grades in school because I want to get a scholarship to college. My greatest achievement to date is practicing my English in this country since I put into practice everything I could learn from home and at school. My next goal is to learn a lot more English and improve so I can speak it more fluently and communicate better.

In my family, we are three women and my stepfather, who I love like a father. I have two sisters, one is 24 years old and the youngest is 3 years old. I love my sisters very much; my older sister is the most precious thing to me because she. Has always been there for me and has been like my mother. Since my mother emigrated to the United States, I had to stay with my sister, so she was the one who took care of me for 5 years. It was difficult for us, but little by little things improved. Emigrating has been difficult for me because I left my cat, who I adore. Leaving him was too difficult for me, also leaving my family that I love the most and my friends. And that’s my little story and a little more about me.

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