Metal Heals by Sean

November 8, 2017


Metal Heals


Metal Heals

Heavy Metal. While most in modern day society view this genre of music as brash, vulgar, loud, politically biased… the list goes on. To sum it up, they view it negatively. But to avid listeners to the genre this style of music is complex, thought provoking, enlightening, beautiful, and healing. Most of all, healing. Most “Metalheads” listen to the genre because they can bond with what the song is about. People dealing with anger and depression can find solace and comfort in metal. It takes people’s minds off their troubles with its complex chords. Metal, in other words, heals.

The Stereotype for Metalheads are angry people that should be avoided. But recent studies show that Metal and those listening to that aren’t  prone to being violent and or the music they listen doesn’t  influence them into violent tendencies. In fact, it does the opposite.  “Leah Sharman from the University of Queensland’s School of Psychology is researching the impact of music on society. She said a study of 39 adults aged between 18 and 34 found they were inspired and calmer when they listened to heavy metal.” (Watson, ABC news)

“Heavy metal is more commonly associated with headbanging, satanism, moshpits and the decapitation of small mammals” (Guardian Music) these are common themes in Metal, which does lead to many people labeling it as “devil music”. But, for Metalheads dealing with anger and depression, “The music helped them explore the full gamut of emotion they felt, but also left them feeling more active and inspired,” reads the study from the University of Queensland’s School of Psychology. “Results showed levels of hostility, irritability and stress decreased after music was introduced, and the most significant change reported was the level of inspiration they felt.” (Guardian Music)

It is implied within the articles that Metalheads tackle their Problems and stress and anger more than normal people. They are more prone to explore it than to avoid bad situations like others. “In a September 2013 article for The Atlantic, Leah Sottile wrote about a separate study on music and emotions conducted at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. The research showed “people who chose to be pissed off actually showed a greater sense of well-being overall than the people who avoided feelings of unpleasantness,” Sottile wrote.” (Visser)

In conclusion. Modern day society chooses to look down upon the Metalheads and stereotype them. There are arguments explaining how those who listen to Metal are Satanists. But those arguments have little to no evidence to support it. Metal heals, and The music and the themes within it attacks issues that other genres and artists are unwilling to speak up about. That’s why so many fans can bond with it.


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