I was not born in the United States. When my mother told me that I was going to come here and be with my family I was super excited. I have gone six months without seeing them and it was truly killing me from the inside out. So, when it came to the day that I was leaving I intentionally forget about the people I was going to leave behind. For example the aunt that I was staying with and cousins. Well anyway. I was just  focused on getting to the United States. I was ready to feel be with my siblings. So the day I left I put on my prettiest dress, packed my bags and potentially. When my cab came to pick me up and take me to the airport it really hit me. I was really leaving. For a moment there I felt kind of empty. I looked over to my aunt and I could see that I shattered her heart. I was like her second kid and now I was leaving her. All these emotions hit me like a rock. And the waterworks just came rushing down. I eventually ended up flooding the house with my tears. After an hour of hugs and kisses and goodbyes and be goods I was on my way. I got on the plain and everything was just so foreign to me. I somehow felt out of place. The plane took off. I thought the trip was going to be short but i played myself.  When I set foot into SFO Airport I wanted to cry with joy. I was finally going to be reunited with my family and it felt so good. It felt good because I was no longer the forgotten child I once was. I saw my siblings and my stepfather at the end of the airport waiting for me, so I ran. I ran into the arms of my family. We went home and helped me get situated, it was the best feeling ever.

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March 25, 2018 6:50 am

Hey Fany,

I really liked your piece because I feel like its something you don’t really share about yourself. But, I also know that it is a big part of who you are and your identity. I like that you focus so much on your family but, this also has to do with where you identify. I wish you would have talked more about the difference of you living here and when you go back over there. I know its important for you, as well as myself that’s why I found your peice so touching because even if I was born here I feel at home in Mexico and for you it might be similar.

Thank you for sharing this.


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