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    Just how biased is the media?

    First let’s take a note of what media means. The dictionary definition of media is, the main means of mass communication (broadcasting, publishing, and the Internet), regarded c

  • Hello Amber, my name is Zane and I love that you made a post about this “unspoken” issue in the world today. I enjoy that you had brought statistics into this to provide a image inside the reader’s head. Though if you cite your sources then individuals could take this passage more seriously. You stated, “Men are afraid to come out to the world w…[Read more]

  • Firstly I’d like to say I am very pro-life and hopefully I can make you look at this subject differently. You state that, “many women get abortions because the pregnancy could cause them harm”. This an extreme case that barely ever happens. Less than 1% of all abortions was because of the danger to oneself. (Guttmacher Institute, “Facts on Induc…[Read more]

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    When I saw this topic I was very interested in reading your views. Sadly I was not impressed and or understanding what you were trying to say. This is a very controversial topic and I am glad to see that we are getting behind a stance to stop racism but we need to sound more educated, give either real world situations, and or facts. If you correct…[Read more]

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