• I agree, once we start to teach about it in schools it may be taken more as a serious topic. I feel like in school I haven’t actually been taught about climate change and how I can help with the problem. Once our society starts to understand it that is when we will be able to help it and make a change.

  • Those that are homeless seem to be in a bad situation that might lead them to commit more crimes than those that are in better situations. If people really are being targeted because them being homeless makes them a easier target or because the stereotypes that come along with being homeless, then that is not okay and needs to be prevented.…[Read more]

  • Teen pregnancy is a large issue in today’s society, currently 3 in 10 girls in the United States will get pregnant at least once before they turn 20(This article). This is a problem because, although there are

    • Wesley, we both researched a similar topics, but covered different sides of it. While I looked at how to reduce abortion rates, you researched how to reduce teen abortion rates. It was interesting to see that improving sex education was a solution to both of our questions. Have you considered increased access to contraceptives as a way to reduce teen abortion rates?

    • I think you’re topic is very important because it is a problem that not enough people are aware of this. I like how you put in statistics and told who is affected by this problem.

    • Interesting–I think this is an important topic because health, including sexual health, is a priority for a healthy adult life. I am curious to know more about the social/cultural impacts on different genders and groups of people–who receives the “best”/most education on the topic? What have trends over decades revealed for different genders/groups? Is there a correlation with teenaged/unwanted pregnancies in these groups?

    • Wesley,

      I agree that the lack of sex-education is a problem in the United States. In order for teen pregnancy rates to decrease, there needs to be a spread of awareness to prevent this problem. Young women across the world need to be educated, and the fact that 90% of teens who get pregnant drop out of school is shocking. The United States should also be working to teach a more positive approach to sex, rather than the common abstinence-based approach. We should especially be more inclusive of people of genders, sexual orientation, and ethnicities when teaching safe practices.

      Here is an interesting article regarding solutions on how to solve the lack of proper sex education in the U.S.

      Hope to see what you write next,


  • NASA or the National Aeronautics and Space Administration is a US government agency responsible for science and technology relating to space. This often means crafting space vehicles and missions that allow the

    • Wesley, I thought that your article was very informative about the importance of federal funding towards NASA. I agree that NASA is a significant and innovative agency in the United States and it makes sense that we should want funding to go towards it in order to progress advances in technology. The quote, “Without NASA we would not have memory foam, comfy tennis shoes, or scratch free glasses.” I found very fascinating as I didn’t know that these inventions were because of NASA in particular. You also mentioned in the first paragraph that NASA also develops technology that is detrimental to human life. I would say you should add some examples in your second paragraph to strengthen this part of your thesis.

      Additionally, this article above talks about how the government investing money in NASA could actually improve the overall economy. I think this could strengthen your argument as well.

      I’m looking forward to what you write next!
      – Bella

  • Maybe people are just being sustainable because it is trendy, but does it matter? The impact of actions toward sustainability is more important than the reasoning behind it. Although I agree that people should be sustainable for reasons that have to do with saving our planet I think that it is a good thing that people are following trends that…[Read more]

  • Concerts have always been a source of great joy for me, however recently my concert experiences have been brought down by the omnipresence of phones. It seems everyone around me is on there phone trying to post

    • I agree, I think phones are distracting and can ruin the moment at concerts – especially when someone is not only filming, but doing other things like texting and perusing Snapchat. Why go to a concert if you’re not going to enjoy the moment? But at the same time, I often feel the need to take a video to keep the moment forever.

    • My husband and I talk about this every time we go to a concert! I find it sad that people pay money to actually see the performer live and spend most of their time viewing the performer through their phone. I do understand our tendency to want to capture moments, but I think as a society, we must do a better job being present and appreciative of the present.

    • I agree, using your phone at an event like a concert is distracting and it does distance the person from the actual experience. Concerts are extremely fun and, while you want to capture the experience in a video to show others or to have it as a memory you can experience forever, it doesn’t give the same effect. You can’t capture the adrenaline rush you have while watching your favorite artist on stage in a video, you can’t capture anything other than the surface appearance in a video. However, even though I say this I still video concerts that I go to because I want to be able to watch the performance over and over again. I think that this is a very complicated topic.

    • I agree. Concerts are something that people feel the need to record but it is a distraction because we are more focused on recording than being they’re in the actual moment but people would like to always have a memory to re-watch the concert.

    • I totally agree, having phones out at a concert can make the experience not as great because you become more concerned with who is going to see the video/pictures and know the you are there versus actually experiencing and engaging in the performance that you paid to see. But at the same time, just like Stella (above said), I too feel like its something I want to keep forever and get to relive over and over by watching the videos I took

    • Wesley, you got me thinking about all the past concerts I’ve been to that I’ve used my phone at. I think it should be personal freedom on whether to use your phones at concerts. I agree with the notion that posting on social media about your favorite artists gives you a sense of accomplishment and self-care. However, it can get distracting to have a herd of phones block your view. Let’s talk more about this next time!

    • Hi Wesley,
      I actually never really thought about how that could affect not only us but the performer and also everyone around us. I agree that when you pay money to go see a concert, you should live in the moment and experience it firsthand. I, however, understand why someone would want to take a video or picture at a concert in attempt to keep the memories forever. It is necessary that we learn to keep extra phone use at a public event like a concert to a minimum, especially when it could distract others. Really interesting piece, glad I read this!

    • Wesley, I have recently been to a concert as well and I agree that there are times where it seems as if every person and their grandma has their phone out. It’s somewhat crazy, but I admit I had my phone out for a couple songs. For most of the show I wanted to enjoy it and take it all in, but there were some moments I wanted to be able to look back on in the future and enjoy. I’d agree that there are both negatives and positives to the amount of cell phone use at concerts and that people need to find a balance. What do you personally think that balance is?

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