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    Throughout thousands of years, there has been one main topic of war until very recently: religion. Religious wars throughout our history have been bloody, as is examined in this article about the wars of religion

    Throughout History, Religion Has Harmed Humanity More than it has Helped It

    Throughout thousands of years, there has been one main topic of war until very recently: religion. Religious wars throughout our history have been bloody, as is examined in this article about the wars of religion from 1562-1598:[email protected]&bdata=JnNpdGU9ZWhvc3QtbGl2ZQ==. This...

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    • Dear Zach, I found your article compelling and I am intrigued by what you said regarding “The world would be far less polarized and a far better place to live if religion had never surfaced.” With my faith I have never felt like I needed to be healed because of my sexuality and insted I have felt a magnitude of love and support to embrace my sexuality. From an article from the Huffington post George Carlin said to loud applause, “More people have been killed in the name of God than for any other reason.” And he talks more about how more than 35 million soldiers and civilians died in the senseless, and secular, slaughter of World War 1 alone. I would agree with you that the world would be less polarized if we had one commong ground in our beliefs. Hope this helps and I do find your research compelling!

    • I love your point about how it is against the rules in religions to fight yet they do it anyways??? It is funny to see this because I think many read religious texts and then pick and choose what they want to believe. With this tendency, people can “justify” themselves to do anything. To sum it all up, I think religion can be good but as you said about a few Muslims, some don’t see it for what it should be.

    • Zach,
      I agree with your position that you take in this essay, but I think there are a few ways to improve it. Your largest section of writing has to do with war, and I think there is an imbalance between the evidence and thought given to the war side of religion as opposed to the other detrimental effects of religion. Additionally, I think it was a very strong statement that you finished with. Your audience may have followed you until the very end and then been thrown off by the dramatic, unjustified words. Saying that it would be better for everyone if religion never existed while also not addressing any positives of religion makes it easy to counter your argument. Also, I would like to thank you for including the comment on the affected perception of Islam. Very interesting piece!

    • Hey Zach! Reading this the first thing that caught my attention was this line “More people have been killed in the name of God than almost any other topic, and I find that to be massively shameful for the religious community”.As horrible as it is, this is a true statement. We see people doing harmful and shameful acts on the name of Allah and pretend to be okay. We see that almost everyday in Africa, Nigeria, where Boko Harams use religion to justify their evil acts.

    • Hi Zach, this is a great topic and on that is very interesting to me. I see what you are saying and I do believe that religion at times has hurt people, however I believe that on a personal level many people have been helped by it. The cost of religion is the fighting and need to be dominant over another people however some would say that we even do that in the increasingly secular world today. If there’s something one has and other doesnt there will be fighting. That’s just human nature.

    • Zach,
      I thought your post was interesting and your stance was unique. I agree that religion has lead to persecution but in a way I think it’s beautiful and is a true test of faith. Religion has been around forever and when things go bad, it gives you something to believe in. I think faith has done more good than harm. Everyday someone is discriminated against for their religion but also gives countless people the strength to not give up. Here is a source you can use to strengthen your argument on both sides

  • This is excellent commentary on this issue, Nathan. I am currently writing this from an airport after going through the extensive process of getting through security, and despite the hassle I still believe that it is a process that should be in existence. However, I think that in terms of cost to the government and resulting safety levels, the…Read More

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    Thanks for your post, Chanburak. I am in total agreement with you about the symbolism that is used in 1984, and how the party seems to be a metaphor. Julia and Winston are also a part of the metaphor, and how it is possible to escape from the loop. Sex in our society has become both a taboo and something that we either take for granted or don’t…Read More

  • This is very interesting commentary, Victor. When I write, I like to use as many of the senses as I can to draw my reader into the words, because without our senses we can’t get a clear view of our environment. Visual sensations are often times the best to use, because I would argue that it is the one that is the most important to us. It guides…Read More

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    This is very interesting commentary, Carter. I am in full agreement with you that zoos are horrible and that in today’s humane world, they should not exist. It is hard to believe that we feel the need to establish ourselves as the greatest species by enslaving animals for our own viewing pleasure. Here is an interesting article on this topic:…Read More

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