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Saving Sharks, One Fin at a Time

This article gave some unique reasons as to why we shouldn’t be fishing for sharks. The most interesting point was that sharks have a neurotoxin called BMAA. In shark fin soup, people end up ingesting this toxin which apparently puts people at a higher risk of Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and ALS. Also in the article was some information on fishing restrictions […]

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How Marine Protected Areas Help Fisheries and Ocean Ecosystems

This article explains the many benefits of MPAs. Though not specific to sharks, it shows how ecosystems, fisheries, and the economy can benefit in the long run with MPAs. A Marine Protected Area is basically just a protected area in the ocean. They can have lots of different levels of enforcement. Minimally protected ones aren’t as effective as highly protected […]

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Shark Finning: Sharks Turned Prey

This article gives a good example of why people are fishing for sharks and why it’s dangerous. Shark finning, a pretty common practice of catching a shark, cutting off its fin for profit, and discarding the rest of the body, usually by throwing it back into the ocean. It’s really common with other cultures, especially in China, and some fishermen […]

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Overfishing of Sharks

I read “Overfishing: How does overfishing affect sharks and rays?” This article gives a good overview on what overfishing is, how it affects sharks, and some ways we could reduce overfishing. It mentions how 100 million sharks fall victim to overfishing every year, and it’s making a lot of species endangered, especially with global fish consumption rising 122% since 1990. […]

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Unbroken Book Review

I recently started reading “Unbroken” by Laura Hillenbrand. I heard about the book a long time ago, but didn’t feel like reading it. Over the summer, I got the opportunity to watch the movie adaptation of the book. I really enjoyed the movie, and it inspired me to read the book. Though I’m not done with the book, but I’m […]

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How Do Concussions Affect Teenagers?

Everyday, we’re learning more and more about concussions. Something coming to light is that teenagers can have more severe concussions compared to adults. With their brains still developing, side effects from a big hit to the head can be detrimental. Teens also tend to put themselves at risk of getting multiple concussions in a short period of time. This is […]

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