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  • This timeline is awesome! I love all of the pictures and colors. I had never heard about any of this until I read your work, it’s really interesting. I’d love to learn more!

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    This post is amazing! It’s disappointing that the twins never really got to spend that much time with each other, but at least they did get to reconnect. I think it would be interesting to compare the Japanese culture to American culture to see some of the reasons people are living so much longer there.

  • Alex, I think that the claim of SpongeBob making people dumber is really interesting. I never thought about TV shows causing learning challenges. I personally don’t think that this study is valid, there was a small selection of kids (60) and they were all the same age (4). I think it would be interesting to look at teenagers who watched SpongeBob…Read More

  • What an interesting topic this is! I tend to dream right when I’m waking up and right when I’m falling asleep, so during the REM time you mentioned. I think it would be interesting for you to look into the possible meanings of dreams. Do they symbol things going on in your life, or are they completely random?

  • I totally agree with you saying that the athletes “are students first.” Academics should always come first, especially if you’re going to college. Do you really think big D1 schools will put their students on academic probation though? Big name college athletes are most likely able to get exceptions for not going to class or doing homework,…Read More

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