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  • zoeg

Bobby, you brought up a lot of great points. I never really knew how inconsistent film ratings were. I do agree that it's unfair to blame the filmmakers and artists. Their job is to tell stories, and in many cases, push the envelope. How do you propose we revamp...

Lindsay, I absolutely loved this post. You brought up so many good points regarding communal growth.I mean, humans are social beings after all. What are your feelings toward the statement "You must learn to love yourself before you can love others?" Where would that fit in? Do you believe...

Reagan, I really liked your post. It's interesting to see how our extra programs for students really decrease as they get older. I think it's awesome that we can help these kids at a young age, which then translates into them having the skills they need in higher education,...

Sophia, I truly appreciate how you tie in the opposing view's points. This really gave your argument more depth. I completely agree with you that net neutrality is necessary, as it does allow for anyone and everyone to be heard. Extending capitalism to this new sector may be a...

Cicely, I really liked how you distinguished the difference between correlation and causation. I very much agree with you that we need to better educate the public. How do you think we should go about doing this? Should it be a part of health class in schools or a...

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What has the Future Become? View Comment
  • @zoeg
  • December 18, 2017

Hi Reagan! I completely agree with you on the diversity of America. In that respect, Huxley was definitely wrong. I also can see the caste system. My question for you though is if the socioeconomic classes of the US are becoming more caste-like. Are less people able to move about...

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America is Failing View Comment
  • @zoeg
  • November 21, 2017

Sam, I thought you brought up a lot of good ideas in your post. I do think we are becoming a very polarized country. In my AP Gov class, we were just discussing the idea of "The Big Sort". Studies and data show that more people are choosing to...

I loved this post! I think you brought up a good point about how being an American can mean so many different things to different people, and that even that is a part of being an American. I also liked how you mentioned the struggles America has gone through...

Hi Jackalyn! I think you have some great points here! I do think this could develop into something very awesome, especially considering how diverse American culture has become. Why do think our bullying is so bad here? How can improve our country more?

Your post brings up a lot of good points. I related to it as well. I too felt as though my life, my community were being placed into the wrong hands on election day. This us and them mentality will be the end of the country. It's polarizing and...

Parker, I really connect to your topic. I too have been wondering if there is a link between climate change and these nonstop horrid natural disasters that seem to be plaguing the earth as of late. It's appalling how many people don't believe that climate change is real! We...

Hi Javier! This looks like a really good topic and is truly pressing in today's society. I think you have a really good base but could go more in depth. What makes the fast food bad and unhealthy? What are the effects of this food on people physically and...

Hi Montana! I find your topic really interesting, especially since it's been coming up in the news so much. I definitely see a lot of potential within this topic. What are the long term effects? Is there a difference in affect between those who grew up with this technology like...

Hi Amran! I find your topic of the affects of big business on small business quite interesting, as America is truly reliant on small and local businesses. One big question I have is if big business negatively or positively affects small businesses and how? Is one better for the...

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