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    Sam, I thought you brought up a lot of good ideas in your post. I do think we are becoming a very polarized country. In my AP Gov class, we were just discussing the idea of “The Big Sort”. Studies and data show that more people are choosing to live in communities that fit them with people who hold similar beliefs as them. I mean, that’s how we…[Read more]

  • I loved this post! I think you brought up a good point about how being an American can mean so many different things to different people, and that even that is a part of being an American. I also liked how you mentioned the struggles America has gone through and the goals we continue to strive for without discounting our successes.
    As of today,…[Read more]

  • Hi Jackalyn!
    I think you have some great points here! I do think this could develop into something very awesome, especially considering how diverse American culture has become.
    Why do think our bullying is so bad here? How can improve our country more?

  • My hands wrap around the warm cardboard of my to go coffee cup. The smell of roasted beans wafts up from the small hole in the top, beckoning me. I take my first sip and feel the chocolaty bitterness flow over my

  • Panhandling: to stop people on the street and ask for food or money. Begging. We see this everywhere, from my home city of Salt Lake to rural Midwestern towns. People stand next to freeway exits with cardboard

  • Your post brings up a lot of good points. I related to it as well. I too felt as though my life, my community were being placed into the wrong hands on election day. This us and them mentality will be the end of the country. It’s polarizing and toxic. That’s why I ask you, How do we change this? What can we do to influence our leaders to reassess…[Read more]

  • Parker,
    I really connect to your topic. I too have been wondering if there is a link between climate change and these nonstop horrid natural disasters that seem to be plaguing the earth as of late. It’s appalling how many people don’t believe that climate change is real! We can’t change anything until there is a concerted effort around the world.…[Read more]

  • Humans experience an array of emotions, ranging from elated to depressed, apathetic to anxious, excited to afraid. There is no linear spectrum as emotions are spread out and can get easily muddled. Emotions drive

    • Hi Zoe! I really love your article. I think it’s really important for people to identify hate and what drives people to hurt or be mean to other people because our world is so overcome by violence and hate these days. We need more love and knowing that it’s important to have positive relationships and that these are what makes us human is necessary in the creation of a better humanity. I think it’s interesting that at the root of hate comes low self esteem and that’s why people chose to hate. I like how you also address the idea of our world being hyper competitive and that people through their low self esteem will do anything to rise from the top. I found this link on anger and hate inside the brain (http://science.howstuffworks.com/life/hate1.htm) I thought it was interesting because it shows where our deepest hate develops and maybe how we can learn to relate more positive things to that. I hope you write again soon!!!

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      Hey Zoe! I found your post really enlightening. We are emotional beings who are naturally selfish and egocentric, we want attention, some of us strive for it. Even though some of us deny it we are alike in this way, we want to be known and rise to the top. I like how you stated that as humans we “thrive on positive relationships and cooperation,” I completely agree with your statement. We want to be surrounded by friends, we want to make people laugh, we want to be liked, to be “popular.” Lastly you asked how we can cut out cruelty and create a community of compassion, as much as we dream for this to become reality, is it a possibility? How can we rid our community of something so deeply immersed in it?

    • Dear Zoe, I am interested in your article because I think it is important for people to know the reason why people get angry, sad, happy, etc.. One thing you said that really stood out to me was when you said “Our world is hypercompetitive and many of us will do anything to rise to the top.” I think this is interesting because youre stating nothing but the truth. We as humans will always do what it takes to get to the top.

  • Hi Javier! This looks like a really good topic and is truly pressing in today’s society. I think you have a really good base but could go more in depth. What makes the fast food bad and unhealthy? What are the effects of this food on people physically and socially? What makes certain foods healthy? How do we change this (make healthier foods more…[Read more]

  • Hi Montana!
    I find your topic really interesting, especially since it’s been coming up in the news so much. I definitely see a lot of potential within this topic. What are the long term effects? Is there a difference in affect between those who grew up with this technology like millennials and those who didn’t (baby boomers)? I didn’t know that…[Read more]

  • Hi Amran! I find your topic of the affects of big business on small business quite interesting, as America is truly reliant on small and local businesses. One big question I have is if big business negatively or positively affects small businesses and how? Is one better for the economy than the other (global and local)? How does one start to build…[Read more]

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