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  • Hi Emma! I enjoyed reading this. I agree that soccer is a good sport. I would also argue that soccer helps to teach kids values such as teamwork and work ethic. Do you experience having to work on your teamworking skills or on your work ethic when you play soccer? Has this stretched you as a person? Thank you for sharing your feelings!

  • Hey Rayondre! I appreciate your meme. Did you make this meme, or did you find it somewhere. If the latter, where? I agree with your main argument that people should not use their phones and drive. It is not only endangering themselves, but also others. It is irresponsible. I enjoyed reading your work!

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    Kendall commented on the post, Toy Story

    Hello Olivia! Nice work. I wish the pictures were bigger so that I could see them more clearly, but what I can see of them really spoke to me and depicted a story. Do you think that different readers may interpret this piece differently than others? Why or why not? Thank you for sharing your work!

  • Hello Sid! I enjoyed your piece. Did it feel as awkward to record this as it did to record yourself singing for Spanish class? This piece is very thought-provoking, and I think the cover image goes well with it. It truly shows all types of people trying to get to the American dream. Nice job!

  • Hi Abinaov, it’s nice to hear this perspective on change. I, too, find myself frightened by change, but in my personal experience, it doesn’t do well to dwell on the fear that change may cause. It is often better to move on and react to the change positively, rather than being worried about it. I enjoyed your writing. Nice work!

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