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    This is a really cool narrative and outlook on your life. I really enjoy the positive nature that you carry around with yourself and hold yourself to be such a good person. We need more people like you today. The idea of joining the military is very smart and very brave of you. You are one of the very few people that are willing to step up…[Read more]

  • Max, this was a very cool topic to write on. The brain is something that is very interesting and so vast. I agree on how the brain is almost looking for something to be sad about. I think it does this because it is so much easier being sad rather than being happy. This idea is looked at as being wrong because people want to be positive, but it is…[Read more]

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    Fernando this is a really good article. I like how you incorporated something that you enjoyed so much. It really gave insight to your childhood and some of the things that you enjoyed as a kid. It made the article personable. I really enjoyed it and hope that you did good on this assignment.
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    Global warming has been an issue that has faced the world today. The Earth we live on is being destroyed due to our use of fossil fuels, great amount ofemissions that we put into the air, and overuse of e

    • I agree that some people think climate change is an issue out of our reach, but we can all do small things that help greatly.http://www.ucsusa.org/global_warming/solutions#.WejHOUuGND8 suggest plenty of options, some that you mention in your article and also some alternative ideas that can help proven climate change. I agree that reducing carbon emissions from vehicles is a huge issue, but with the amount of commuting that occurs in our society, how would you reduce the amount of cars on the roads without causing major inconveniences? I think writing about that alone could lead to an interesting article.

    • Climate change is a pressing issue that seems to have few solutions. From what you said, global warming can result in a variety of problems of which I had not considered. I agree that small steps can be taken each day to limit the effects of climate change. This article (https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/10-solutions-for-climate-change/) presents some other possible solutions that could save our environment. Why do we not use the types of renewable energy as much as we should?

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    I like what you have written and the topic that you have chosen. I do believe that racism will slowly become less prevalent within our society but I do not think that it will ever disappear from our society, even though I wish I could say that it would. I allows think that there is going to be certain people that are influenced by their…[Read more]

  • Darrtell, this is a great topic to do your research project on. This a huge problem in our world and it is not talked about enough and we need to change that. I believe that as humans we need to be more responsible in the way that we take care of our trash and find ways to clean the trash and make sure that it does not end up there in the first…[Read more]

  • Kavi, this is a really cool topic that you have decided to do your research project on. Gun control has been a very controversial topic throughout the United States over the past couple of years. I see the issue both ways and believe that it is someones right to own a gun, but we also need to make sure that those people that have a gun are…[Read more]

  • Walter, this is a really prevalent problem in our society today that is affecting many people in the world not only in the United States. We have very bad air quality in Salt Lake City in Utah and it affects a number of people in the valley. I really like that you have taken the time to research this topic and make it present within your…[Read more]

  • Javier, I really like this topic and think it is great that you are researching this. It is important to point out the inequality that the poor experience in many states across the United States. They get trapped in this cycle that is very hard to get out of. I am really excited to see the progress you make in your research project this year.
    I…[Read more]

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    I really like this entry Fred. It is cool how you care about a current issue you like this and how you want to make a change in our society. I really liked the way you wrote and the words you chose. I found this cool article that I think that you would like. Here it is https://www.nrdc.org/stories/global-warming-101. I am looking forward to more…[Read more]

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