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    Should animals have legal person rights?

    A debate had started on the topic of whether animals should hold some rights. Animals are classified and things and not persons. A thing is something owned by a human. So animals depend on humans when...

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    • Dear Zhelanea,

      I am happy to read about your post about “Should animals have legal person rights?”. I think animals should have the same rights we do. They should not be considered as things when they are living. I believe that they should be considered as animals. I think this is interesting “they believe these chips, elephants, and bears have the capacity to understand what is going on.” I find this interesting because animals do understand whats going on so they should not be considered as things. And people should be less divided on this topic and be more towards the animals having rights.
      Damian Landeros

    • Dear Zhelanea,

      I am very intrigued about your post, “Should animals have legal rights?” because it’s a topic that I don’t hear discussed very often. I think it’s very important to protect animals as much as we can, considering there are many species going extinct due to different factors that are human-caused. Animals also don’t have anyone to speak up for them which is why I think animals should have rights. A sentence from your post that stood out to me was, “They argue that they have capacities that include self-awareness, autonomy, language, culture, and are able to plan their future.”. I thought this was interesting because it’s something I didn’t know about other animals. Thank you for writing. I look forward to reading more of your posts.

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    Dear Dominique,
    I found your perception of life very interesting. Fulling living life is an unknown to many. I think many of us stress over things we cannot change. The line that stood out to me was, We often ask ¨why me¨ but instead, we should say ¨try me.¨ This line shows what life is really about. It’s about moving forward instead of loath…Read More

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    What is Climate change causing?

    After watching the informative video by NASA called “Climate Change”, “ I understood the harmful effects of Climate Change.  Climate Change is occurring because of the constant fossil fuel burning with the trapped greenhouse gases effect.  With the particles...

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    • Dear Zhelanea:
      I was very intrigued by you post, “What is climate change causing” because this is a topic I haven’t seen many people talk about. Reading about climate change made me think so much about what can occur in the future. If we don’t start doing something about this situation we can probably end the human race. I never realized there was many people getting affected by this already. I like that you also mentioned some ways we can start making a change in our world. Thank you for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you will write about next.

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    Dear, Kaimea
    I related to a lot of the experiences you shared in your post. It helps me understand that we often have all experienced similar things in our lives. We might come from different cultures and backgrounds, but some things are the same. One specific line you wrote was, “I remember switching to new prescriptions often since my…Read More

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    Is Artificial Intelligence free from prejudices?

    After reading the article, “The Hidden Biases in A.I.” I found it very concerning how Artificial Intelligence holds prejudices and stereotypes as many people.  The people creating the programs are actually putting a reflective of their outlook into the...

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