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  • Zhelanea wrote a new post

    Barbara Johns: Brown vs. Board Of Education

    The article, “The 16-Year-Old Who Fought Segregation” brings back to life the landmark case of Brown vs. Board of Education.  This case went to the Supreme Court on the topic of segregation in schools.  With a 9-0 vote, it...

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  • Dear, Sam
    I’m interested in the topic of media literacy in your post, “Learning About Fake News and How to Spot It” because it shows how we are surrounded by fake news, so it is important to know how to identify it. One sentence that stands out to me is, “This meaning that media literacy is going to be a very important tool in our current…Read More

  • Zhelanea wrote a new post

    Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

    After watching the video “Ocean Today Trash Day”, I learned that the ocean is very full of trash as we have not recycled the plastic we use.  This problem has been going for a long time, but it’s only...

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    • Hi Zhelenea,
      Thank you for writing this; more people need to think about how our actions are affecting the earth. One way I reduce is by not buying plastic water bottles. My daughters and I use reusable bottles instead. One way I reuse is by saving the takeout containers we get from restaurants. Later, when I want to give someone food, I use those containers and I don’t expect to get them back. I try to recycle everything that is accepted. Recently, I started rinsing out my yogurt containers because I understand we are not supposed to place dirty items in the recycling bin.

      What do you do? How can we get more people to reduce, reuse, and recycle?

      Ms. N.

  • Dear Kayla,
    I liked how passionate you seem about the topic of abortion. I agree with you that most political debates are held by men. I have seen multiple times how men have entered this conversation and put in their strong opinions. “Something like abortion or birth control should not be a discussion made by men.” This quote stood out to me…Read More

  • Zhelanea wrote a new post

    Is Google/Facebook a threat to technology?

    In the article, “Is Big Tech Too Powerful” I learned those top internet companies such as Google, and Facebook have become monopolies in the technology world.  In Facebook's example, they have bought out their competitors such as Instagram and...

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    • I feel that these tech companies are getting too big in general. Smaller companies do currently have a problem of going against their much bigger competitors, due to reasons that are listed above. It’s good to have some competition because it can expose other to brands and see which will the consumer get. But having these monopolies buy out their rivals and such, then there’s a problem. Thats why we have antitrust laws in place to prevent these monopolies from happening.

  • Dear Emmanuel,
    I too have read the book Lord of the Flies. I agree that Ralph lacked some serious leadership skills. It showed how he couldn’t bring everyone together to work. He was often demeaning to other characters such as Piggy. The line you wrote, “Jack’s response here deepens a reader’s sense of Ralph’s terrible leadership skill…Read More

  • Hi, Lluvia, I agree with your post of how we much spread awareness of this issue and work towards helping each other out. Either that being changing the negative culture revolving around seeking help, or just wearing a mask in public to be able to stop the virus. “Sadly many of these crises are set to become much more frequent”, this phrase made…Read More

  • Zhelanea wrote a new post

    What is the Quality of life in the U.S

    We know that the United States is one of the wealthiest nations in the world.  However, does the quality of life in the U.S also match up to the top? A group of economists ranked countries on a social...

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    • Zhelanea,
      Thank you for posting this. I think it will get people to think about what it really means to be a successful country and I think that everyone has their own definition. For example, I think mental health and wellness in general are very important. If a country is financially rich, but its people are not well, how important is that money? Did the article include information on mental health or wellness in general?

    • Hey ZQ, I found your post very interesting. I can see where this article is coming from, our country is on top but I believe it is because our country has a ton of factories and it pollutes the air a lot. I will be very interested if you do a follow up post! Thank you..

      Cindy Reynosa

  • Dear Lydia,
    I agree with your post about how social media has affected the way we speak and communicate with others. I personally have often used the slang from social media when talking with friends and overall in general. I also have messaged using shorter versions of the actual words. “When individuals talk with others in person they tend…Read More

  • Zhelanea wrote a new post

    Why Was This Election So Different?

    The Presidential election that occurred this year of 2020, was one like never before.  The pandemic of COVID-19 greatly affected the normalized way of voting as seen in previous years.  Voting polls sought to have safer regulations.  They were...

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    • Hi Zhelanea,

      I also think that this past election was very different from the prior ones. A significant part of it is probably due to the fact that we’re in a pandemic right now, but I think that this election also had bigger stakes for both parties. The appointment of the new Supreme Court Justice tipped it in favor of a conservative bias, so the Democrats would need to win back the Senate or the executive office in order to keep a balance. And since the President has refused to formally concede the election, the country is more divided than ever. With this in mind, do you believe that a disruption in a peaceful transfer of power will hinder the government’s response to the pandemic?

  • Dear Meghan
    I agree with all you stated in your post. I too noticed the display of women stereotypes in many of these Disney films. I’m glad that as time has gone, the newer films showcase more diversity and break the stereotypical format Disney had taken up. “In order to stand up against this, women, as well as men, must stand together no…Read More

  • Zhelanea wrote a new post

    Why should the younger generations vote?

    For the presidential election coming up, one group urged to vote are of the younger generations.  The voter turnout total for this generation is about 16%.  Many don't vote, due to the idea that their vote has no impact...

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    • Dear Zhelanea,
      I agree that some people that are over the age of 18 don’t want to vote because they think they wont make an impact to the country. Also i think they should let young kids vote so they can choose the right president for the country. if young people learn how important voting is they will know for whom to vote and they will understand that importance of the election. They will be the one that will help select the better president from what they see in their view and help this country be a better place.

    • Dear Zhelanea,
      I am interested in your post because it draws attention to the issue of low voter turnouts from younger generations. I agree that, in this year’s presidential election, younger people will have more of an impact than usual. One thing you said that stands out to me is: “These generations seem to be looking for more involvement in politics.” It is intriguing that young people are feeling motivated to participate in politics because of the political movements that have been taking place in America. Thanks for your post, and I look forward to seeing what you write next because you have shared very useful information in this post.

    • Dear Zhelanea,
      I agree that young adults should vote they also need to be heard take their opinions in. Yes, i also agree there are some people don’t want to vote for personal reasons; and they should be forced to do it. Thanks for your post it’s very interesting to know more from voting.

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  • Hi Elizabeth,
    I agree with the topics you are questioning. In California, in my town, many of the smaller grades are going back to school. I often wonder if this will increase the coronavirus cases. They will be indoors most of the time surrounded by each other. And just like your post said, the coronavirus is affecting younger ages. They…Read More

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  • Zhelanea wrote a new post

    When will a replacement for Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg occur?

    The supreme court has lost a great leader, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. After serving for 27 years she passed away in her home.  She was a major advocate for abortion rights, gay rights, religious liberty, and environmental regulation.  Her...

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    • Ruth Bader Ginsburg has touched my heart with what she stood for. I am so sad to see such a phenomenal role model pass away, only for the current president to try and replace her with a much less worthy replacement. I agree with you fully on waiting until the election to appoint a new justice for a few reasons. One of them being the fact that the Republicans seem to switch sides when it benefits them most which is quite unfair. We should stick to what has happened in the past. Also once a new president is elected this person will be the person who the majority of America would like to represent them. So, it only makes sense for the winner of the upcoming presidential election to decide the new Supreme Court Justice, because they would be selected with the current values of the American people as a whole. Do you agree?

    • Hello Zhelanea,

      I totally agree that Ruth Bader Ginsburg was a champion of certain rights for individuals, and her time on the court will serve a lasting impact on the country. However I believe that the country still needs to uphold the constitution. RBG in her own words said that Presidents serve for four years, not three years when Obama tried to pass his own replacement for the late Justice Scalia. You also brought up the fact of Conservative domination of the court. I feel that political and personal views are irrelevant since the Justices serve an oath to uphold the values of the constitution, and not of their own ideology. In the confirmation process of Amy Coney Barrett, Donald Trumps nominee for the Supreme Court, she has stated she is not serving to strike down the rights of Abortion, Gay Rights, etc., and that she hasn’t and never will impose her Catholic belief on others while she was a judge. All in all, the next in line of RBG has a big shoe to fill, and I hope that person can live up to her legacy.

    • Ruth Bader Ginsburg will forever be a part of our history but we need to decide how her story ends. Do we disrespect her last wishes or do we decide not to follow precedent, something she cared quite a bit about as a SCOTUS, and replace her seat before election day? I think that many conservatives in government refuse to see how hypocritical they are being when they are pushing for Amy Coney Barrett. Lindsey Graham said to use his words from 2016 against himself if he steps in the way of the will of the people by choosing to vote in a new SCOTUS right before the 2020 election but when we did, he said that democrats would do the same ( refer to this article https://www.nytimes.com/2020/09/21/us/politics/lindsey-graham-supreme-court-reversal.html). Whether democrats would do the same or not, is irrelevant, because it doesn’t make going back on his promise any better. I completely agree with you that we should delay the SCOTUS hearing because if the republicans are so confident in their nominee winning the race then there would be no need to rush a decision. What do you think that normal citizens should do to stop ACB from being sworn in against the peoples will?

    • Hi Zhelanea!
      I completely agree with what you’ve said about Mitch McConnell. He does want to add more conservatives into the Supreme Court. Yet, as we’ve currently seen they did not respect Justice Ruth Ginsburg’s wishes after she passed. The reason is before the 2020 election they did replace her with newly selected Amy Cohen Barrett. With that being said she has opposing views as Justice Ginsburg, which I see as another sign of disrespect to her wishes.

  • Dear Victor, I agree with your post about the topic of a huge crisis occurring in Japan. Radiation has affected Japanese people’s lives drastically. We are able to see that with the evidence you provided of not having clean water, and many children being born sick due to the radiation. Their conditions are harsh to live a long healthy life, as…Read More

  • Zhelanea wrote a new post

    Is college worth it?

    The topic of whether to attend college or not has been discussed a lot.  Many have come to the conclusion that attending college is your best choice.  We are able to see this on the statistics of unemployment rates...

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    • in the article “Is college worth it?” I learn that the option of going to college has been discussed a lot. Many people have come to the conclusion the college is the best option. Statistics show that people that don’t have a college education are most likely to be un unemployed. People who have a degree have a better income than those who just have a high school diploma or less. People who go to college have a better life and income.

    • The article “Is college worth it?” explains that people have the option of either going to college or not. This article explains that people,e that do go to college have a better advantage to get a job than a person that did not go to college. Going to college also gives you more job opportunities than the people that did not go to college. People that go to college get paid more and have better life-lasting opportunities than others.

    • Dear Zhelanea,

      I am intrigued with your post, “Is college worth it?”, because of how you describe the benefits you have in having a college degree and what risks you can be facing without one. I think you made a good point about how not working hard in gaining the college degree can cost you to be unemployed.

      One sentence you wrote stood out to me was: “Not only do the statistics show how attending college could benefit you, but also in life.” I think this is an important statement because it is proven that having a college degree present in your life can have a huge impact in your life and help improve your job status and education level.

      Thank you for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because I enjoyed your comparisons in having only a high school diploma and a college degree. I would like to continue to read your other statements.


  • Zhelanea commented on the post, Pandemic

    I agree with your post that the pandemic has caused a lot of changes for highschool seniors. We are still not sure what will happen as the year goes by, so that leaves us with many questions. These questions, however, I think will be answered with time. We just have to wait and see what happens. I enjoyed reading your thoughts on the current…Read More

  • Zhelanea wrote a new post

    Redistributing Women's Work

    Women have always had the traditional role of taking care of their home. With new education, and more job opportunities it has allowed for shifts to change at home.  But the continued work of women at home has not...

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  • Dear Leslie :
    I am able to relate to your post/images, “Life in a four-wall room, 2020,” because it’s has been the new normal for everyone. One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “It is like we woke up one day and realized that this crisis is real” I think this is described a lot of people’s reaction, as many thought everyth…Read More

  • Dear Sam:
    I am able to relate to your post, “Life in the Time of Corona,” because at first, I thought the same too, that everything was just going to be temporary. Once everything changed I was able to get so much closer to my family too.
    One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “When school and sports were going on, I really never…Read More

  • Dear Ahmede:
    I am amazed with your post , “Our Generation is Sensitive in a Positive Way,” because you talk about how the new generations are able to talk to one another and learn from previous mistakes. It shows how the acceptance and knowledge is growing which will change our future. One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “..…Read More



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