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    Hi Luis, I totally agree that women can do just as much as men. We are learning about the 1920s and reading The Great Gatsby in class right now, and I find flappers particularly interesting. They were really bold and brave to break out of the mold that society put them in, and do what they really wanted to do. I especially liked their choice of…[Read more]

  • Hi Luis, it is great that you have such an organized daily routine. I have a daily routine as well. I find that stretching and doing exercises in the morning is a great way to wake up and not weird at all. It seems like you are quite busy after school. When do you find the time to do your homework and study?

  • When the topic of crime and criminals come up, what do we think of? Do we think of the affluent or the poor committing crimes? How about those that are victim to these crimes? Most people think of the poor as

    • I really like what you are saying here, it’s not fair to always associate those with a lower socioeconomic status with criminal activity because it is not often the case. But they end up getting convicted of a crime they didn’t commit because they didn’t have the money to afford a good attorney or other forms of help. I think that we should find a way to move away from the stigma that the poor are criminals. I hope to read more of what you have to say about such an important topic!

    • Hey Dorothy,
      This is really interesting! The majority of adults associate crimes with lower socioeconomic areas or people, which is certainly not always the case. My sister is a criminal defense attorney and it is true that it costs a lot of money to defend yourself. I would love to read more about solutions you have to fix the holes in our current system .

      Erica Strand

  • Hi Jessica,

    This is a very well written post. I was drawn into your essay because you did a great job showing how the American creed and the freedoms of America impact our everyday lives. I also really like the way you incorporated sources to support your argument. For example, I liked the way you used the Declaration of Independence to…[Read more]

  • I have a friend, H, who lives in a small country in Europe called Estonia. She always talks about coming to America. Whenever her parents ask her where she wants to go on vacation, her first response is always,

    • Dear Dorothy,
      I am interested in your paper because I feel like there are a lot of people in America who don’t want to live in America, but there are a lot of people who don’t live in America who want to. I feel like some people don’t know how well they have it in America. Of course we have our problems in America, but we are very lucky to live in a country with as many freedoms.

      I did some research on why people want to come to America. In Brooke Binkowski’s interview of Lisa Sasaki, the director of the Smithsonian’s Asian Pacific American Center, says, “… the idea of a land of opportunity where you can change your circumstances and that you can be able to better your financial, social, economic, cultural well-being in the process” (1). I think America has a lot more opportunities than any other country. Estonia is so small that it has limited opportunities. People are driven by opportunities and bettering themselves. So I think the number of opportunities that are available in America is what drives people to come here. Something you said that stood out to me was “About three Estonias could fit into Michigan alone. Imagine how many more types of businesses and jobs there are here.” Estonia has limitations that just aren’t present here in America.

      I agree with your paper because I feel the size and opportunities available in America is what makes people want to come here. I also think our protected rights and programs like you noted “medicaid and medicare” make people want to come to America. As I said earlier, some people want to leave America, Why do you think that is?

      Work Cited
      Binkowski, Brooke. “What Brings Immigrants to America?” Smithsonian Second Opinion, Smithsonian Second Opinion, 25 Oct. 2017, http://www.smithsoniansecondopinion.org/immigration-america/what-brings-immigrants-america-conversation-lisa-sasaki-180965162/ .

  • Hi Rolando, this is very interesting. I have never heard of Korean tacos before either. Is the fact that Koreans make their tacos in a grill the only difference between their tacos and American tacos? Also like you said, I was expecting them to taste different. Have you tried them before?

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