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Othello Recording

I chose to recite Desdemona’s lines (1.3.208-218) from the play Othello by William Shakespeare. From the recitation I learned that the lines are sometimes separated differently than how the flow of the sentences would go if you were naturally saying the dialogue. I also learned that it is important for the character of Desdemona to speak confidently when telling her father some […]

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Iago Sucks: A Closer Reading of Othello

Step One   Desdemona 1.3.208-218 My noble father, Dear Dad, I do perceive here a divided duty: I have a duty to you, but a duty to another: To you I am bound for life and education; You have given me life and education My life and education both do learn me I have learned so much from your teachings […]

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A Brief History of Counterculture in America

Modern Utah counterculture isn’t the only example of rebelling against the norm. There have been many examples of this throughout history, and they all have something in common: a strong, conservative culture to rebel against. When looking at American history, it was a long time period of white settlers attempting to civilize all of America, which included putting Native American […]

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What other Utahns think of our Counterculture

To understand counterculture in Utah more thoroughly, I asked Utahns for their opinions through an anonymous survey. When the survey was done, I had finished with 75 participants. The questions I asked were: Are you of the LDS faith? What percentage of the Utah population do you think is Mormon? Which of the following cultures have you personally seen/ experienced: […]

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Understanding how Counter-Culture Arose in Utah

For my second part, I will be focusing on how counterculture arose in Utah. To fully understand the counterculture, we must first look at the primary culture of Utah. Utah was first civilized by Native Americans until the Mormon pioneers were prosecuted and forced to leave from the East, where Joseph Smith started the LDS church started, on covered wagons […]

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Salt Lake City Counterculture: Genuine or a Result of Mormon Rebellion?

  Someone looking at Utah from the outside in knows it to be a state ruled by the LDS church. Mormonism in Utah has been a punchline of multiple tv shows and the subject of a major Broadway musical “The Book of Mormon”, a satire about LDS missionaries taking place in Salt Lake City at the beginning. Everyone knows that […]

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The Opioid Epidemic: How Bad is it Really and How do we Solve it?

If you’ve been on the news recently and been able to get past the news about Trump’s administration and all of the sexual assault allegations, you’ve probably heard that the US is facing an Opioid crisis. With all of the crazy news that is going on, the Opioid crisis is commonly overlooked. Since it’s not being covered very often in […]

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The Legitimacy of Artistic Careers

There comes a time in life when one has to figure out what they want to do for the rest of their lives; a time when your childhood dream of becoming a real life mermaid has to change to something a bit more realistic. For me, that time is right now. I am a senior in high school, meaning that […]

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Why are Small Rural Cities More Conservative Than Big Cities?

Portland, Oregon: One of the most liberal cities in America. There are Black Lives Matter posters posted in apartment widows, feminist bookstores, recycling bins everywhere; you get the point. Meanwhile, in places such as my Grandma’s house in a small town outside of Fort Worth, Texas, conservatism is thriving. According to a survey by Pew Research Center, conservatives are more […]

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The Lower the Social Class, the Lower the Opportunities

Think of all the inspiring movies you know about a rags to riches story; Someone that came from nothing and became a desirable millionaire. Unfortunately, these movies are mere fantasy. According to CNN Money, 70 percent of those born into poverty, stay in poverty. Keep in mind, the 30 percent don’t make it to be rich and famous, but just […]

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