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  • Hi Alex!
    I really enjoyed reading your interpretation of “To Kill A Mockingbird”. I read this book a while ago, but I didn’t remember a lot of it. Your post helped me remember how many important lessons are taught in this book like kindness and compassion. I do think bravery is an important human aspect, but not nearly as important as being…Read More

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    Hi Tara!
    I really enjoyed reading your insight on this topic, you bring up a really good point that art can mean many different things depending on the person. I personally think art can be anything you want it to be, but I believe really good art is shown when it can be left up to interpretation. I love when a piece of art can mean one thing for…Read More

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    Teen Suicide in Utah

    As of 2018, Utah has the third highest teen death by suicide rate in the United States. Of Utahn’s ages 10 to 17 years old, approximately 19% considered or planned suicide, and 9% attempted suicide. There could be many...

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    • Zoe, I enjoyed reading this post because it informed me on the topic of teen suicide rates in Utah. As a resident born and raised, I know a lot of people who have struggled with severe depression and have either committed/ attempted to commit suicide. However, I am aware that depression is popular among this generation/ in general but I didn’t know Utah was the third-ranked state for suicide deaths ages 10-17. This post caught my eye because I can relate to it to my personal life, and is a topic you can always learn more about. I think you did a great job of explaining what possible causes could be for not going into deep research. I also liked how you included the LGBTQ community because it is an extremely difficult lifestyle to portray all over the world but specifically in Utah because of its high population in Mormonism. One thing I think you could have added was the programs the lowest states in the US had for suicide prevention in general, that provide statewide for their population in correlation to the lack thereof with Utah. how they differ and give a few direct suggestions for a future change!

    • I really appreciate your article “Teen Suicide in Utah” because it is very informative and raises awareness. Something that stood out to me was where you stated that Utah lacks in suicide prevention programs. This is something that should be more talked about as it is a rapidly increasing situation. People who are thinking about committing suicide should have somewhere to go and someone to talk to in order to prevent them from going through with it. Overall, this article was informative, and thank you for spreading awareness.
      – Wendy

    • Zoe, this topic is so important to learn about. I like how you mentioned the most vulnerable groups and how they can be best protected. As a Utah resident, it makes me sad to know how many people, mostly teenagers, pass every year from suicide. This is an extremely sensitive topic that most people try to avoid, but it is not something that should be avoided. I know that up until recently, conversion therapy was still active and legal in Utah, which is just horrible to think about. I think that the overall acceptance of people would be extremely useful in lowering the suicide rates. Also, there definitely needs to be more access to help for when someone needs it. I would love to read some potential solutions next from you!

  • Hi Kira! I found your post very interesting. I am passionate about psychology and also interested in how different the psychology is of high school students compared to other ages. I agree that along with other things, school is a major stressor in our lives. I did not know that mental health is now considered a valid excuse to be absent as of…Read More

  • This is really interesting, Mark. I am pretty passionate about climate action and I had no idea how much agriculture contributes to our global buildup of greenhouse gasses. I agree that reforestation is key to slowing this growing problem, as well as reducing livestock. I was shocked by the amount of land taken up because of this already, and it…Read More

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