• My favorite place is a building and also a park located at 103 W 107th St, new york, NY 10025 Booker T. Washington was where I went to after school. From grades 1st – 8th grade i grew up there

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    Dear Charissa :
    I am so happy for you I also have a baby sister she is 15 months. I am happy about your post “Cha-ri-ssa!” because… I really think i can relate to the this. Also it was interesting to hear about your life. and it was really One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “high school in my eyes is okay. ” I think this is intere…[Read more]

  • Hello i’m Zariya Baker, my age is 14 years old, my birthday is July 21st 2004. I was born in Brooklyn, but raised in Manhattan. I have done some sports in my life like basketball, soccer, track and

    • Hello Zariya, I enjoyed reading your bio! I feel like we are the same when it comes to being too nice and forgiving, but it is always good and costs nothing to be kind to others. I also enjoy playing the same sports as you, basketball and soccer, but mostly soccer! I look forward to reading more of your posts about you and your siblings.

    • i feel that this is not only a bio, but advice for others that may have hit a roadblock of some sort, if I read this bio when i was in middle school i’d probably have less regrets than i did. For example, in middle school i was competitive when it came to basketball and track and field however, some days I wouldn’t be confident, days with a streak of 3 losses or if I made it in 5th place again so i wasn’t really feeling it those days. if i was told to do everything i do with confidence like your mother told you, there’s a chance i wouldn’t have weighed myself down so much.

  • I am from #2 pencils and Junie B. Jones books. I am from the corner of the living room, ( bright, spacious). I am from 107th street where you hear honking, see fights and smell the trees because of (central

    • i love this i love the part about your dad taking the bullet so brave

    • Zariya, this is a beautiful poem! Although I don’t know you, your writing gave me a vivid image of where you come from. I particularly loved your mentions of Junie B. Jones (I too was a fan) and the very impactful lines about the bullet your dad took for your mom and the loss of your grandfathers. I look forward to reading what you write next!

  • F : fight for you whenever you’re in need R : ready to give a speech when neededI  :  “ I will never leave you”E : ends. you need them but they will be backN : never will just leave youD :  doesn’t just lie to y

  • I remember swinging on the swing like i was a bird, I remember going to after school. I remember scraping my knee and the pain i was in. I remember eating meals laughing. I remember being sad when I lost my

    • Dear, zariya i am astonished by your poem, “I remember…” because it describes exactly how you’ve grown into the person you are today. You’ve expressed how your personality and creativity is your way out. One line that stood out to me is “I remember losing myself, now i remember myself” I think this line is interesting because it shows how you’ve improved your overall mindset on yourself. Your poem reminds me of my poem “Where I’m From” where i explained how me and my brothers live and how i live day to day. AMOS @jjwoody912

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