• Zane wrote a new post, I am From 1 year, 3 months ago

    I am From Basketball,From Spalding and Nike,I am from the old house covered in bushes, red big with a spiral staircase,From Beth and Jonah, I’m from disorganization,From going to bed early and brushing my

    • Dear Zane,
      I was very excited to read your poem because in the first line you talked about basketball and that is my favorite sport. I liked how you talked about your life and what type of things you like. You also used a form of literacy writing called “Anaphora” which means that you repeated the word “I am from” which made your poem pop. I also like how you talked about where you are from and what foods you liked. Something that also have your poem interesting is you talked about where your family is from and what culture you represent. One last thing that you talked about how you talked about areas you need to grow on . You poem was very interesting in many ways, and I am glad that I have read it.

    • Dear Zane,
      I’m very happy that I read your poem because even though it was short, it said a lot about you. Something I learned about you in your poem is that you play basketball, and you live in a big house in Berkeley with a red spiral staircase. One line that stands out to me is,”I’m from Berkeley and Europe, Thai food and pizza, From the ancestors I had that moved to America”. This stood out to me because it was interesting how you put your ancestry into your poem about who you are. I really liked how you used anaphora that made your poem interesting because you repeated saying “I am”. Your poem sends an important message about yourself, because people out labels on other people all the time, and it’s good to put your word out there on who you are. Thanks for your poem! I really look forward to see what else you’ll post. Good luck on your future poems.

  • dear jaikari,
    thankyou so much for sharing your poetry, a line that stood out to me was ´´You have to put it into your own perspective.¨ i connect to your poem because I know sometimes you have to go through things alone. I thought you have a lot of courage posting a poem like this and i think this is really good. thankyou so much for writing th…[Read more]