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    Nice one, Kev. This poem demonstrates your memeing abilities to the fullest extent, as well as your ability to write poetry. Good stuff.

  • Thank you for presenting this argument. Unfortunately, the cost of universal health care isn’t the only concern; another is the quality of the care and the speed thereof. Take a look at Canada; they have universal health care. However, the wait time for health care, on average, is 15.4 weeks in Ontario. That is absurdity! As a basic rule of…[Read more]

  • You presented the problem quite well in this piece; I must agree, reducing the age would be amazing and work wonders for our nation. If you take a look at places like Germany, the legal drinking age is 16, but most places will serve you booze if you’re tall enough to sit at the bar counter. It definitely takes away that sort of forbidden aspect of…[Read more]

  • An intriguing topic, for sure. You presented it well. Personally, I am inclined to state that all human life is sacred; never should we give up on a life. Pain is just a part of the human experience, whether emotional or physical. Though PAS sound good to those that are terminally ill, there is always that chance of survival, as you stated.…[Read more]

  • A poem based on the Jungian concept of the persona and the shadow. The first four lines are the persona speaking to the shadow, then the shadow to the persona, and so on.


    O’, repression, thou I do se

  • Hello! This is our fifth phase of our XP for “This I Wish to Change.” Credit goes to me, Trip Murphy, and Ben Crino.

  • Hello there,
    I’m glad you mentioned the war on drugs. In America, it is indeed a massive problem: the people using those drugs tend to just be a waste of space in prison, and don’t belong in there. They should either get help, or perish if they refuse to get treatment. As such, our incarceration rates are ridiculously high, and should be…[Read more]

  • This is a tough subject, and definitely not an easy one to tackle. I find your infographic to be well done, with definite attention to detail. However, I do find your solutions to be sort of idealistic. This isn’t necessarily bad, though, as idealists have revolutionized the world historically. Thank you for this infographic.

  • I enjoy the way this infographic is so concise and cuts out any unnecessary details. It isn’t at all bare-bones about it’s detailing, though, instead giving just the right amount of information. I am happy to see that you took an interest in this particular case- it definitely is something that is wrong with the world. Thank you for the infographic.

  • Thank you, I hadn’t realized that- fixed it.


    Here is an infographic that my team (Ben, Trip, Zachary) created pertaining to creativity in the classroom!


  • Hey there, folks! These are the annotations that my group, including Benjamin Crino and Trip Murphy, created on the subject of creativity in the classroom. Enjoy!

  • Interesting annotations and article, Abdullah. I found your observations on the subject to be insightful. School lunch doesn’t sound like an interesting issue at first, but seeing you looking into it has given it a bit of interest.

  • Hey there, Joseph-
    Your analysis on Huck was in-depth and well thought out. I find the way that you describe Huck escaping everything about civilization, and not just civilization itself, to be thought-provoking. It isn’t something that I had considered myself, especially due to the fact that he continues to speak in somewhat religious terms…[Read more]

  • In the novel The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, the author presents us with two individuals on the run from the law in order to achieve the goal that so many of us strive for throughout our lives: freedom. They

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    I must agree with your analysis of Ozzy’s. It’s one of the best dining experiences one can find in Okemos, and the staff are fantastic. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this wonderful place.

  • Democracy is a failure of a system that should be eradicated from the face of the Earth.

    This may sound like a harsh and strange judgement that I just have declared, especially coming from someone living in

    • Hey Zach. Your essay was very passionate and it seems like you know your topic very well. I understand how you feel against the governmental form of democracy. However, just because it doesn’t work a couple times nor you don’t agree with it, it doesn’t mean that automatic there should be automatic barrage of hate. But, I think your voice brings the government its weaknesses and tells them what to improve on. Next time, don’t be too negative. Good work.

    • Dear Zach, I agree with your article, Democracy is a failed experiment, because everything you said was true and expresses my feelings about democracy. A quote that stands out is “democracy is a form of mob mentality, and as such, is a dangerous mechanism to live under.” This stands out because democracy is something that controls us and is scary. Another quote that stands out is “we need something new to replace this terrifying system.” This stands out because it is so true and realistic about life. Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because i would like to hear about more articles about democracy.

    • I must disagree with the points made in this article, democracy is a logical system that puts the power in the hands of the people, and arguing that what the majority wants can be “Wrong” on such an objective level is just factually inaccurate. Now, I am actually a hardcore liberal, who took the Trump victory extremely hard but you mentioned in your article, Donald Trump did not get more votes than Hilary Clinton, he only won because the U.S. Presidential election system is only a warped take on democracy, where the electoral college makes every vote matter decidedly less. However, despite this, if Trump had won in a proper democratic way, though I could protest him, I would accept him as president. However, the solutions you propose to democracy are far worse, anarchy, having absolutely no government, society cannot function without government, and on the other end of the spectrum, monarchy, giving the fate of the country to one person. Quite frankly, even if we are in the minority, we must accept that the majority of the country would like to go a certain way and that we have an opinion that we would like to live under a government that less people would like to live under, the logical direction for a country is the direction most people want to go in.

    • Dear Zach,
      I am intrigued by your post “Why democracy is a failed experiment” because I do not really agree with your ideas but you made a very good argument that I would like to have a chance to argue against. This is a topic that I can understand your point of view but do not agree with it.
      One sentence you wrote that stood out to me was “However, it should seem to me to be the case, in light of history, of recent events, and the structure of democracy as a system in general.” I think this is interesting because it gets me interested in your topic. It does not tell me what you wrote but just the topic. This shows me what I will see but not explain to me how you will convince me.
      Another sentence that I find interesting is “This is an issue that the people of America need to wake up to: the democratic system is a broken one, and a remedy for it needs to be found fast; whether that solution is anarchy, monarchy, or something else, we need something new to replace this terrifying system.” because it shows me everything you wrote and what you believe should happen.
      I do not agree with this topic because it goes against what I believe in. Sure we did not vote for the candidate who won but we did vote the people who did vote for this. Another reason I do not agree with this is because the only argument you have is the recent presidency and that is not enough to convince me.

  • Very true. Huck feels abandoned, and I think this passage of the book accurately represents that.

  • Interesting how you give an insight into the thoughts of Huck on civilization being the opposite of how the rest of the world sees it. I can understand where Huck comes from, and in some ways, I may even agree with him: civilization isn’t always civil.

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