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    17 February, 2017


    Introduction – Hi there, and welcome to my essay upon a personal belief of mine. In the essay that follows, I will explain my beliefs on the

  • Mariane,
    Hello there. Though this is well written, I do find issues with it.
    Firstly, police brutality. Trust me when I say I’m no fan of law enforcement, not in the slightest. However, I would like to point out that police brutality is not racially based as you seem to imply. If you look at the number of deaths from police against people of other…[Read more]

  • Hey there Elliot,
    Interesting poem. Quite honestly, I only clicked on it because I saw Shrek and the opening line, and assumed that somehow a meme had made its way to the featured page. However, when I clicked and the page finally loaded, I found quite an interesting post. This seems to give an interesting insight into your life, and I’d be…[Read more]

  • Dear Mr/Mrs. President of the United States,

    The fact that roughly 3/10 pregnancies end in abortions (source: quote from Senator Wendy Davis, 2016) is staggering, and definitely a fact worth noting. What is

    • Regarding the topic of abortions, I think it’s necessary to regard the issue as something deeply personal and a personal choice. If you were to get pregnant right now, what would you do? Having the right to choose doesn’t always mean that the termination of a pregnancy is going to be chosen, but the right to options is what makes America unique. To make the entire abortion process illegal is actually going to do more harm to women and the fetus within them; for example states such as Alabama with such strict abortion laws have led to a spike in illegal abortions, posing a greater risk to the person under going the procedure. Choice is necessary.

    • Hi, I was your secret writing pal, Zachary. In your post you say that things along the lines that abortion is bad due to even at an early development, a fetus, which is a clump of cells, is still a life. So how would animals in slaughterhouses be very different? They are also life that is extinguished from the world.

  • Dear Mr/Mrs. President of the United States,

    I find it heartbreaking to find out that 3/10 women have abortions sometime in their lives in the United States (source: quote from Senator Wendy Davis, 2016) , and

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