• Aritstament

    By Yureida Gastelum


    Since little I’ve got told that I’m not allowed to date. They said when I’m 15 years old. Next year I’m going to be 15. Since they know that I’m going to be 15, they said

  • Shadow Box

    Yureida Gastelum

    I have chosen to include a Mexico flag on my shadow box because it represents me and where all my coulters come from. The four blue flowers that are in the top represents the

    • Dear Yureida Gastelum,
      I really like how you did your shadowbox because you included interesting things about your culture or country that is Mexico. But also of how you decorated it it looks really nice especially the Flowers and La Virgen De Guadalupe because that is the first things that caught my attention. And I agree with you that people might think differently about your culture because they don’t know it that well but you putting out the ideas and the important dates that Mexico celebrates it makes other people understand your culture and how are the festivals are. And it was really interesting reading your story because it’s about your heritage and country.

      Some questions that I have are:
      Do you celebrate the festivals are important days in Mexico here in America with you Family?
      When you said that when you and your Family travel to Mexico you go by car because you like to see new things. So what are the things you like to see when you go there?
      What do you think and feel about immigrants that are coming in the USA this past years?

      I hope you write more stories about you because your stories are unique and interesting. Thank you for writing and sharing about your shadowbox with others.

      Olga M

    • Hi Yureida Gastelum I really liked your shadowbox and the way you explained all your work.It’s really interesting to see the way you set up your shadowbox and the things you added like the Mexican money.You did a great job.I have some questions for you, How long did it take you to do this project? , Do you still follow the traditions from Mexico? , Why did you decide to explain your name? .I did something similar to your shadowbox but I did mines at Fremont High School.

      -Evelyn Diaz

    • Hi, My name is Juana and I’m writing from Fremont High School. I really like how you put a lot of colorful flowers. I really liked everything in the shadowbox represents something of you. I really liked the interesting things that happened to you and how you have pride of being a mexican girl. you did an awesome job. What does your name mean? Who picked your second name? why?

    • Hey Yureida my name is Crystal and i really like how you did your shadow box.I see that you put some of your culture stuff and i like that because people should not forget where they’re from their roots. From what i see you are mexican what part of mexico?.Had you ever been there do u like it? So basicly u made your shadowbox cultural because you want to show your culture.I really like that you made your shadowbox look so happy because it gives it more color positive things.I currently did the same project as u but in Fremont High School.

  • Dear Javier,
    I agree with you on everything you said! I also had to learn English when Spanish was my first language. I aso don’t like how some people get discriminated for who they are. Thank you for writing this. Im looking forward to what you write in the future.

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    • Hey, yureida am writing from fremont high school my name is pedro san juan and i really like your shadowbox because it has lot of color but u should of put true religion on it

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