• Hi Nico. Thank you for writing this great piece about the role of equality throughout history in society. You bring up some very good examples of oppression, such as the one faced by the Jewish people during World War II. I found this website that gives a third instance of this here: https://www.history.com/topics/native-american-history/trail-of-tears.

  • American literature often reflects issues that were present during the time of writing.  While Ralph Ellison was writing The Invisible Man in 1952, civil rights movements were gaining momentum and support. The

    • Eric,
      Your writing does an excellent job of connecting the ills of society in the book and in life and history. Equality has changed so much over time, what people think deserves equality and what qualifies as equal has changed. It makes me wonder how our children will look back on the time we’re in right now and how we’ll adapt to those changes. You make some great points, especially with connecting the Civil Rights Act and Native American prejudice. Your writing definitely pushes me to want to read The Invisible Man.


    • Eric,
      I’ve always been wanting to read this book. You made me want to pick it up and finally read it! I like how you tied history into your conversation. That’s an important aspect of talking about racism and movements like the Civil Rights movements. I like that you decided to bring in the news and the oppression other groups face. Are there any other books you can think of that are also tied to these issues?

  • Hi Nico. I enjoyed reading this essay about education in America and I agree that we aren’t focusing on the more critical skills needed for life beyond schooling. Without them, tasks such as doing taxes are confusing to someone who isn’t educated on how to do them. In your argument about not needing to go to college, you mention some successful…[Read more]

  • When our founding fathers established this country, a major proponent that they wanted in this United States was equality for all. This was a major difference between monarchical England and their vision for this

  • This is really interesting! I’m also in Okemos and the music program is pretty intense, so I can understand the frustration that comes with playing an instrument. But after many years, I can see how playing an instrument can be rewarding.

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