• Form a More Perfect Union

    An important purpose of our government, as stated in the Preamble of the U.S. Constitution is Form a More Perfect Union.  The president of the U.S. plays an important role in

  • Dear Sophie,
    I am impressed by your post , “ Is immigration into the U.S an actual problem” because many people do not do the jobs that immigrants do. For example i have seen only on white young american working in the fields and he was surrounded but mexican, he would not understand what they would tell him but he did got along with them eve…[Read more]

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    Dear Luis Eduardo,
    I am impressed by your post, “Deportation”, because it is a huge problem here in the United States where people come to live better from what they had. They try to leave a bad environment but end up in the same situation here in the U.S. .
    One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is “ Our current president is trying to bu…[Read more]

  • Students online speech should be limited because students need to learn how to respect one another , if school aren’t getting involved who would be, and students who get bullied could end up getting hurt by the

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  • Yuliana commented on the post, The Deportation Issue 6 months ago

    Dear Jeniffer,
    I agree with your post “The deportation issue,” because immigration seems to be not doing its job how its supposed to. I mean when they deport someone they should really go towards those that have a bad record for example people that smuggle drugs, gang related, raped, or abused there partner.
    One sentence you wrote that sta…[Read more]

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