• David, I really like the way you contrasted both separate questions. When you talked about how not one single person can program anything and everything, it really made me wonder why people always say “everything happens for a reason”, even though it technically can’t. There are many interesting documentaries you could find that support this idea…[Read more]

  • Clara, I think you provide really valid reasons as to why people think the death penalty should be either legal, or illegal. The quote from Pope Francis was very interesting to read and taught me how the Catholic Church views this issue, which I didn’t know before. However, I have read other sources that talk about how much more money is spent by…[Read more]

  • Olivia, I like how you used both sides of the argument to address the controversy over milk. However, the cons of drinking milk stood out more to me, because it surprised me how many risks there are when it comes to the production of milk which people tend to usually avoid talking about. I will definitely think more consciously next time I drink…[Read more]

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    A very controversial issue in today’s society is whether or not animals have the same rights as humans. Not only is this an important topic today, but it has been for the past 50 years as more and more arguments a

    • Yulisa,
      I appreciate that you bring up both sides to the argument and give examples to their views. Do you believe that animals should have all of the same rights as humans? Why do you think others believe animals don’t know about mortality or don’t have feelings? Do you have any animals? In my view all animals have rights especially dogs. I have three dogs and nine puppies living with me and they all have different unique personalities.
      Thank you for your time,

    • Yulisa, I love the way that you approached this topic and showed the logistics to the argument. Your writing portrays a very neutral aspect on the topic so it makes it easier for the reader to create their own opinion with the information given to them. I liked how you said “However, controversy over this is growing due to increasing observational, neurological, and genetic evidence about animal intelligence. ” It was a very intriguing sentence that made me think about the animals that aren’t being tested on and how their rights would be different if they were a pet rather than a lab animal.

    • Yulisa,
      You presented a very informative essay on animal rights. I’m curious as to where you stand on the issue. Do you believe that animals should have the same rights as humans? In reading this, I think animals definitely should have certain rights, but ones that aren’t equivalent to humans. Each animal requires a variety of rights that best fit them and their species.

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