• Flesh and Blood (But Mostly Blood)

    Blood is a part of my life. Not because I’m injured frequently, but because I was born with a condition. A condition that about half of the population shares. I was born with

  • Dear Mr. Vasquez,

    I was always one to say what’s on my mind. In fact, I might have said more than I was supposed to. Always scolded by my mother, “No andes diciendo todo, aprende a tener filtro mija por fav

  • To the faded red button-up coated in white hibiscus flowers:

    I saw you idly sitting on a shelf, some guy in a polo giving you a second glance. I watched, desperately hoping he’d walk away. When he did, I tried t

  • Falling in love

    Have you ever fallen in love? I mean really truly fell in love. Well, I have, at least I got as close as I could. I fell in love with dance. For as long as I can remember the feeling of throwing

  • Cassette tape


    Will you be the harmony to my melody and finish this duet?



    Cassette tapes; walkmans; stereos; cd players. Chocolate; flowers; poetry; love.

    They’re nothing but lost things, waiting to

  • An Egalitarian Society

    Throughout history, and the present time, men have been considered as the superior gender. The ones that conquered lands and ruled empires. Women weren’t allowed to do any of those t

  • Feel the flow


    Have you ever wondered why we’re here? why we exist? I often find myself thinking about this, but I can never come up with the right answer. Life is too complex and difficult to understand. Like

  • I sat there, my back hunched, and my glasses reflecting the light that was coming from the monitor in the dark room.The pc was on and was starting to heat up. I could spend hours like this and not worry about

  • Hands are funky little things. Doing something as simple as grabbing my phone, brushing my hair, even typing this up right now, makes me realize how amazing they really are, for allowing us to do so much. Life

  • One big impact in my life was my brother leaving home. It was simple, he no longer liked school. It all started when he stayed out late at the age of 16. He began to date girls, and he wanted to be older. He told


    Hi, New Family


    We sit at the table conversing while eating a meal we were invited to. Talking and having fun. Soon I hear my biological aunt say we’re “adopting” a new family. She says she was joking,

  • Winter is the coldest season of the year, not a lot of people enjoy the cold season. But me? I love the cold season. You watch the snow fall, or so I’ve seen in movies because here in Austin it doesn’t snow, but

    • Dear Liz vazquez:
      I am happy with your post “La Temporada de invierno es mi temporada” because a mi tambien me gusta el invierno porque tomo chocolate caliente.También me gusta por que puedo estar en mi cama con mis cobijas viendo youtube.

      One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is “me alegra esta temporada”creo que esto es emocionante porque viene el tiempo de navidad de pasar tiempo con tus seres queridos.También porque después del frio podemos ir a las montañas a la nieve.

      Gracias por tu escritura espero ver lo que escribes a continuación por qué me gustó mucho tu escritura. Habla sobre el tiempo que te gusta a ti y es unos de tus tiempos favoritos.

  • We celebrate Global Diginity Day by giving to charities an helping people as much as we can. Some of the thing can be helping your maid an rrespecting her in the school. We saw several presentations on the stage

  • I will celebrate Global Dignity Day by showing respect to everyone. Helping each other and treating everyone equally. Not teasing anyone. Making new friends. Turning my enemies in friends.

  • happy dignity day what is the meaning of dignity ? do you know why we celebrate dignity day we should celebrate dignity every single day in our life because dignity means respect and we should respect everyone but

  • Global Dignity Day
    Global dignity day comes every year on 16 October and people celebrate dignity and equality
    amongst themselves each year. On this day, people donate to the less priviliged people
    and get

    • Hey Hamza, thank you for your article! I learned what Global Dignity Day is and what people do for it. This information will help me in preparation for the day.

  • Global Dignity is an independent, non-political organization that is working towards dignity for all people by creating a global conversation about dignity, and promoting dignity-based leadership to discuss the

    • Hi Shahbaz, I enjoyed reading your post about dignity.I agree with you 100%, dignity is one of the most import things people can have, people should be proud of who they are and not be afraid to be themselves.

    • Shahbaz, thank you for teaching me about Global Dignity Day. I didn’t previously know that it existed. I agree with you that having a dignified life should be a basic human right. I wonder if in my classes, we will discuss the meaning of dignity as well. It would be interesting to see how others define dignity because everyone has their own interpretations of the word.

    • Hello Shahbaz, thank you for your discussion about Global Dignity Day. I know that in your post you talked about how it wants to promote a global discussion about dignity of all people, but I was curious about whether or not this holiday is actually celebrated internationally? I only ask this because I feel like for a holiday dubbed Global Dignity Day should have quite a bit of global representation. Thank you for your post.


  • My presentation is about global dignity Day.
    In this world we all are humans, we all are living on one land but the difference is of religion,tradition,culture and the difference of color of skin.Why don’t we all

  • Courtesy mine eldest sister Amelie
    Beth (thirteen plus months my senior),
    whose maternal love equals heart as emoji,
    she nsync with other kith and kin
    painstakingly fleshed out family tree,

    formerly severely

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