• This shadow box represents who I am.  When people look at me they see that my race is Guatemalan and that I’m a nice girl that does all her work and turns her work on time. My dominant narrative is that many pe

    • I really appreciate this post Yojana,
      I like how you are able to express yourself and showcase your emotions with your friends. It is a great thing to be able to enjoy the time you have with friends/family and it is great that you love it so much. People should see you for what you believe in, and what you enjoy to do and you showed this really well by stating the things that you like and dislike. People should not be stereotyped by where they come from or how they may appear. This is a great topic and I hope you continue writing because this was an outstanding post.

    • I can really see that family is a very big part of your identity. That’s really nice to see how you feel so connected. In your shadow box I can see a little house not 100% sure if its a house but does it have a valuable significance to why it was added? You say people can see your Guatemalan do you think it’s because you are a proud of it and show your Guatemalan Culture or because of stereotypes? I’m really happy to hear you are a happy girl and like to have fun. Keep up the good work.

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    Hi I am a freshman at life academy. I really like your post because it talked about racism. I agree with you because I also live in oakland and there is a lot of racism happening here. One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is when you said, “I wish that in the future everyone can understand one another’s culture and see things from m…[Read more]

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