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    Where do we go when we die?

    Mark Levy said, “this too shall pass, life is but a hundred percent mortal disease”. Every life dies. But where will we go after we die? We can find the answer in our religious beliefs and our culture. Almost...

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    • I am intrigued by your writing, “Where do we go when we die” because it’s a topic that no one really knows what happens afterlife. There are so many questions I have that people do not have the answer to. One sentence that you wrote that stood out to me is “There are three times when you are actually dead, the first time when you are medically pronounced dead, the second time when you are cremated and buried, the third time when you are the last person in the world to remember you when you actually die as if you had never been in the world before. We die, it is a fact, and we can not change it.” I think this is really interesting because I never really looked at it in that way. It also reminds me of the movie COCO when you are in the afterlife and when no one remembers you, you disappear but where do they go? Thanks for your writing. I am interested in what you write next because this was an interesting topic.

    • Hello Yangliu, I really enjoyed reading what you had to say. I, myself, am Catholic. I agree with what you had to say. I do agree that when we die, you will go to either heaven or hell depending on how you lived your life and if you had faith in God. I liked reading your article because it seems like you researched this topic very well, because you even included other religion’s aspects and views on the afterlife. I wish to hear more from your point of view.
      Sincerely, Diana

    • I found your article “Where do we go when we die” very interesting because it is a very meaningful topic as no one really knows what happens in the afterlife. There are many different theories about what happens after we die and I think you did a great job of including different ideologies. Something that stood out to me was “So we no longer belong to this world. But if someone remembers us, we are “born again” in the world.” This brought things into perspective for me as thinking of someone who has passed on into the afterlife is referred to as a way to “keep their memory alive”. I have many questions about the afterlife, but I appreciate the knowledge that you have shared and look forward to reading more.
      – Wendy Luquin

  • I enjoyed reading your thought about Marine pollution, Katie. Humans have done a lot of things that are irreparable to our environment. We live on land, but we do so much damage to the oceans. We should be ashamed of this. I think you are right that we should reduce the use of non-biodegradable materials and recycle the garbage that has been…Read More

  • Cynthia, your post really caught my attention. I like that you are writing about something driverless cars because I am interested in the kind of topics. I agree with you if we can have a driverless car when we are tired. This actually makes driving a lot less risky. I can understand why Nunes doesn’t like driverless cars. Because we in the field…Read More

  • Sephora, I love your article. I like the fact that you used some other examples to show that 16-year-olds are capable of voting. Because in today’s fast-moving society, the age of 16 knows a lot more than it used to. So I think they have the ability to participate in the voting in the country. Because even a man of thirty has his faults. And I…Read More

  • I like this, Diego. I think what you said about the current state of the earth’s environment is right. Human’s actions have caused serious and irreversible damage to the natural ecosystem of the world. And these changes in the environment will also do great harm to human beings. I think you will like this article:…Read More

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