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    Shadow Box

    Ying Yang

    This Shadow Box represents the counter and dominant narrative of me and how people think. All of these objects represent something different and they all have a story behind them. I have

    • Dear Ying,
      I am happy with your essay/statement “I am Who I am” because it was amazing. While reading your artist statement I felt a little excited and of course happy as you know about the information you shared and how big your statement was. One line that stands out to me was,” I wanna show my parents that I’m able to be on an independent woman that is able to do things on her own” because I agree with you. I have this feeling too with my parents. Another sentence that I saw was, “ People might think I don’t live here because of my face and ethnicity”. This sentence stood out to me because after reading this is really makes me think about so much more types of dominant narratives. A part of your essay that reminds me of something in my life was actually when I moved across the country. I was homesick for California and it was very different for me as well. The same went for me as well on the don’t talk to stranger quote but in New Hampshire it was like that disappeared.Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you have to right next, because I see you have interesting stories I’d like to see more of. I also think your stories are really relatable which is something great as a reader.

    • Ying, I was attracted to your shadow box because of how artistic and creative it was. When I read why you chose all of those things, I loved it even more. My favorite thing you have is the butterflies. I love the metaphor that you have for that. I am so excited for you to continue your life journey and hopefully it will take you and your sister to Paris!

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    Dear Ruby Valdez,
    I am very proud of your work and what you wrote I also agree what you wrote because many teenagers die in a young age because of something bad that happened in our society. “Growing up as a teenager in America is bad because many people get killed at a young age, sometimes even little kids. I have been in a protest to stand up…[Read more]

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