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Character Archetype

Tom is a dynamic character. His archetype changes over the course of the play. At the beginning of the play, he is the archetypal expert. This can be seen on page # 60-61, where the author writes: he sneaks from the house to be adventitious and hangs around the city to entertain himself. In the evidence, it says, “ TOM fishes in his pockets […]

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Character traits and Relation between Tom and Amanda

Tom, the protagonist in Glass Menagerie, has a few traits that influence his relationships with others. One, he is adventurous. Two, careless. Three, he is determined. These traits influence his relationships with others. In line 157 it says, “I’m going to the movies. [Out screen door.” This implies that Toms likes outdoor l[things and wants to have fun. He likes to entertain himself as well as likes […]

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Glass Menageries Plot Analysis

Recently, I read “Glass Menageries”, by Tennessee William.. I appreciated the fact that I read it because it was very interesting to read this play. I was unhappy to see how Amanda was manipulating her children. She was not giving them the freedom to make the decision about who they wanted to be with. The protagonist is Laura. Laura is a very calm […]

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Laura Disappointed from Mom ” Tracking Character”

This play is interesting and grabs my attention to continue my reading. When it comes to writing about any characters from this play, I choose to talk about Amanda. She is a woman without a husband and raising her two children by herself. Her character could be better explained by talking about the family situation and problem between her and her children. The […]

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Family issue “Questioning and Speculating”

The Glass Menagerie is a family crisis where Amanda wants to have control over her children because she wants to capture her husband’s picture into Tom’s behavior. In addition, she wants Laura to get married and settle down. Tom is sufficient in this life where he does have the freedom and he is being manipulated by her mom. Mr. Wingfield was an absent […]

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Today’s Children Tomorrow’s Future

Dear Representative Ocasio-Cortez, I feel tempestuous about your Instagram video because it emphasizes how current generations are responsible, smart enough to implement what they craved for. You are very confident and inspiring to the people from the new generation and how we are the government. One thing you said that stands out to me is: “His new generation is the radical […]

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Life is all about surprises

In my class, we read three story which is Every day use, The Lesson and How to date a white and brown girl. This is the link of the website where we read those stories. I think this three story fits together because each story has a unique way to narrate. The author of each story utilize writing strategy setting […]

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Maggie’s Mournful life

The yard of my house is so beautiful. It makes me feel that I am sitting in my living room and relaxing. This is where I think about everything that was going on my life. Living a poor life is not easy. You have to put double efforts to pursue something just because you belongs to a family where has an inequality. It’s ridiculous that I […]

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