• yeanoorc

Dear Khadija, I am enthusiastic about your AOC letter, “ AOC: Thanks for giving honors tot the young generations!” It is a wonderful letter where has an inspirational word and movement. I really liked the way describes based on logic and evidence on your statement that our new generation does...

Dear Denieris, I am amorous by your writing and post, “ The Difference within race and characteristic” because it described absolutely phenomenal ways of how these three stories have acted based on their social background and race. Life situation and position did really matter. I really like the way you...

Dear Ahmed, I am intrigued about your post, “ Comparing three similar and different stories” because it is talking about the meaning of life. In life we meet new people and learn from each other. I really enjoyed the way you described and connected these three stories as specifically ...

Life Lesson View Comment
  • @yeanoorc
  • February 6, 2020

Dear Aboubakkar I am enthusiastic about your post, “ Life lesson” because it emphasizes how three of the stories connect with each other somewhat. Most importantly, it is talking about the importance of education. How education can make it better out life situation The one line that stands out for me...

Dear El-Hossin I am enthusiastic about your short story, “ Loneliness is a battle with no winner” It is a wonderful story. I really liked the way you portray Dee's personality, and described how isolation was killing inside of her. The one line that stands out for me is, “ My...

Mama and Maggie’s struggles View Comment
  • @yeanoorc
  • December 10, 2019

Dear Fatema, I am stimulated by your short story " Mama and Maggie's struggles" because it is a great story which has a very specific details about the event that Maggie had faced which never makes her feel confident and make a good communication with outside of people. Her fantasy...

More sleep? I think Yes! View Comment
  • @yeanoorc
  • December 9, 2019

Dear Emily, I am inspired by your story, “More sleep? I think Yes!” because it is very powerful and authoritative. The way you emhaziede the idea to having a good sleep in teens years, just because developed the brain and it will lead us to do a better job at...

Dee’s plan to become rich View Comment
  • @yeanoorc
  • December 5, 2019

Dear Issaka I am enthusiastic about your short story, “Dee's plan to become a rich,” because the way you depict Dee’s motives which really emphasized she knows how to play around people by only caring about her desires and gain what she craves for. She did not feel melancholy, even...

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