• Dear El-Hossin

    I am enthusiastic about your short story, “ Loneliness is a battle with no winner” It is a wonderful story. I really liked the way you portray Dee’s personality, and described how isolation was killing inside of her.

    The one line that stands out for me is, “ My loneliness made me feel me that I was obligated to reunite with my fa…[Read more]

  • Dear Fatema,

    I am stimulated by your short story ” Mama and Maggie’s struggles” because it is a great story which has a very specific details about the event that Maggie had faced which never makes her feel confident and make a good communication with outside of people. Her fantasy to be becomes a successful could makes change of her fear that…[Read more]

  • Dear Emily,
    I am inspired by your story, “More sleep? I think Yes!” because it is very powerful and authoritative. The way you emhaziede the idea to having a good sleep in teens years, just because developed the brain and it will lead us to do a better job at academic life by concentrating a lesson or topic.

    One line that stands out for me is,…[Read more]

  • Dear Issaka
    I am enthusiastic about your short story, “Dee’s plan to become a rich,” because the way you depict Dee’s motives which really emphasized she knows how to play around people by only caring about her desires and gain what she craves for. She did not feel melancholy, even for a little bit when the old house god burned in the flames and h…[Read more]

  • The yard of my house is so beautiful. It makes me feel that I am sitting in my living room and relaxing. This is where I think about everything that was going on my life. Living a poor life is not ea

    • Dear Yeanoor:

      I am inspired by your short story because it is very powerful and phenomenal piece of writing.

      One sentence that stands out for me, “My sister and mom never understood me” I think this sentence is critical to your story’s overall feelings, because it is very sad!

      Your short story reminds me of my life back home 🙁

      Thanks for your short story. I look forward to seeing what you make next.

      Bas Bas

    • Dear Yeanoor
      I am fascinated about your short story, “Maggie’s Mournful life” because it helps me to understand how Maggie felt because the unequal treatment that she got from her mother.
      One set of lines that stands out for me is, “Life is not easy as we predict. We all need to put effort to gain things that we desire for. Yeah, I agree that I am not and even see myself less than white people, however, I never aspirated wrong or bad for my sister. Even though, I used to feel jealous, because she was getting everything which I am deprived from it.feels stylist” I think these lines are very conscious because how she expresses about her sister make me think that she is a persistent and optimistic person. Maggie’s characterization is reasonable because all the bad feelings that she had about her sister is gone, she understands that is what life is about.
      Your story reminds me of one story I once read. In the story a girl was brave against racist. She was a slave and she is learning to write and read hide even thought was not allowed for the slaves.
      Thanks for your story. I look forward to seeing what you make next. You have a very good writing and I love how you apply a lot imaginary and characterization in your story.

    • Dear Yeanoor Chowdhury:

      I am astonished by your short story, “Maggie’s Mournful life” because you reinforce the equality that exists between siblings in some cases. We know that this problem exists, but we don’t address it.

      One set of lines that stands out for me is, “My mom never faired with me as she was doing with Dee. She was getting everything according to her just because of her lighter skin compared to me.” I think these lines are very thoughtful because it shows that the reality of some families which is children face different treatment based on their skin color. I think it needs the courage to address such a social problem that exists in some societies.

      Another line that stands out for me is, “My mom broke her back saving money for Dee to go to college, and I was staying home, carrying out the heritage.” I think this section is intense because it makes me wonder why the mother didn’t put the same efforts to send both her daughters to college instead of one. Having different skin tone doesn’t make you less or more qualified to get a higher education.

      Your story reminds of discrimination in the U.S. and it makes me curious to know how people have unacceptable mindset and still think it is an acceptable mindset.

      Thanks for your story. I look forward to seeing what you make next. Your way of writing is very touching and I can see the optimism and you know the love that you have for nature.

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