• My project was about Child Sex Trafficking and why is it a issue. Which for us and as it should for many it should be a big issue because this issue gets ignored and pushed away to side as if it was irrelevant.

  • What was my project about?

    My project was about Child Sex Trafficking and why is it a issue. Which for us and as it should for many it should be a big issue because this issue gets ignored and pushed away to

    • Hi Yasmine, I think your concern for the human trafficking problem in the U.S. is a very significant issue that really needs help. I think you have a really great idea on how to raise money for the MISSSEY foundation, but do you think it is enough money? Will you get enough profit from selling candy because if you have to buy all that candy then you are losing a significant amount of money. For example if you spent 3 dollars on each bag you were selling for 5 dollars that would only be a 2 dollar profit. Maybe you could make a huge batch of cookies because the production cost of that is much less and you could sell them for the same amount to make a much bigger profit. I wish you the best in this idea, I think that it is a really great cause to support!

  • Dear Ilse
    Thank you so much for commenting on our post and writing everything that you thought of. We also agree with you when you “they turn their head the other way” because many people don’t realize how important this issue is. We are hoping that you keep up with us and see what we post next.

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    I am very amazed with your poem because people should realized that it could be worse. People should open there eyes and realize that there small problems aren’t as terrible as other people’s problem who are suffering. I really like your anaphora that you used “It could be worse” because it’s reminding people that they should stop complaining…[Read more]

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    Thank you so much for reading and commenting on my blog. I agree how you said that it makes my community angry and upset. Thank you so much for taking your time and reading my blog

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        Thank you so much for reading my blog. The part of you comment that stood out to me was how you also agree with me on how we should also get children thoughts. Also thank you for taking your time and reading my blog and being able to comment. Thank you so much for reading my blog.

          • Dear Robert

            I Agree with how you started because kids shouldn’t eat pre-packed food it should be cooked and ready for them. It’s Also an amazing way to started because you grabbed people’s attention to keep on reading. I also agree with you because people complain on how tired they are but it’s because they don’t eat breakfast but also it becaus…[Read more]

          • Dear Marleni

            I agree with the first quote started “I think they’re great, they are what keep Oakland from turning into a “white- washed” community. Immigrants bring the culture to Oakland”. I agree with this because without immigrants it wouldn’t be the same. One sentence that stands out to me is how you said “Immigration allows there to be m…[Read more]

          • Dear Matthew

            I am agreeing with your article “Why does marijuana get such bad rep” because you are right that it is harmless. Also that people think bad of it because since the government said this one thing then everyone start believing the government because he is like “right”. One sentence that stands out for me is “the government so they…[Read more]

          • What is police brutality? Police brutality is abusive power using excessive force in situations where it’s not required and where police are assuming the worse for their  personal “protection.” Many Police Office

            • What is police brutality? Police brutality is abusive power using excessive force in situations where it’s not required and where police are assuming the worse for their personal “protection.” Many Police Officers have sworn to protect and serve, but have abused their power and authority to cruelly and assault and manipulate people of color, even if they were innocent. People of color have been attacked and been left with physical and emotional scars that will follow them as the days go by. In order for the Oakland community to trust the police and have a positive relationship, the police need to understand why the community distrusts them so much.

              Firstly, people haven’t trusted the police in Oakland because of what has happened in history. In the article “Controversial History Sets Tone for City’s Discord” by Paul Harris from the news source The Guardian he reports “ A 17-year-old Black Panther party member was involved in a shootout with police, but surrendered and stripped down to his underwear to show he was unarmed. However, he died after being shot by police at least 12 times”(Harris). His name was Bobby Hutton. He was one of the youngest and first of the Black Panther Party and was dedicated to making a difference for his people and police relations. On April 6, 1968 Bobby Hutton was shot 12 times and died due to police “assuming” he was armed. Bobby Hutton had many years of life but was taken away so quickly. This clearly shows that police are forgetting history that has left people of color scarred and explains why the community does not trust the police.

            • Dear yasmin i can tell you put a lot of work on your blog and that you did a very good research. I agree with you that ¨Others might say that at the end of the day that the police officer still serve the community no matter what but our community want to be served with respect and hoping we won’t be harmed. The Oakland police need to look at back into history and repair the roots for things to improve today.¨ because it’s true that the police is serving the community but some police officers take advantage of the situation and that’s a problem.Thanks for writing your blog and good job.

            • Dear Yasmin

              I have noticed that you put a lot of time and effort into this blog and how every piece of evidence is relevant to your topic. One part of your blog that stood out was when you interviewed a 9 year child and how they even give their opinion and that you are not just asking adults about their thoughts but a also children too. I hope see another amazing post by you. 🙂

            • Dear yasmin,
              I am interested in your post “Do the police deserve our trust”because its a controversial issue today that has many aspects to it. I’m also interested because i know oakland is a high crime area in california.

              One sentence you wrote that stands out to me is “in conclusion the police don’t deserve our trust yet because they keep using abusive force” i think this is interesting because i think this make the community feel angry and upset because they don’t have anyone to turn to. I also think it makes everyone feel unsafe because they cant call for help.

              Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because i want to know if this issue gets resolved or continuous. I would also like to see if there is any other issues that correspond with this.


            • Dear Yasmin
              I am impacted by your post “Do The Police Deserve Our Trust” because it opened up my mind to the reality of law enforcement world and the power they uphold. I also realised that not only due people get injured by the law enforcement(police officers) but they ethier target those of color or white. This article helped me further understand that people who are in the law enforcement need to rethink what they will do before they do it because it will impact children, and people in some shape or form. One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is “ As young as a 9 year old is scared of police officer. Which shows how he doesn’t trust the police because he is scared that they might come up to them and do something horrible.”(par.5) i believe this is thoughtless acting from the law enforcement. In the future we should seek to restrict the officers abilities to act upon a situation .Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because of the great detail your provided such as a witness and your personal insight to the world of law. This was a great peace of writing describing what police brutality causes and its definition.

              From:Martin Montes

            • Dear Yasmin
              I am impressed by your post “Do The Police Deserve Our Trust” because you explained many issues that many communities have had with law enforcement such as abusing their power. Also I am impressed on how you expressed the importance on police brutality. One sentence you wrote that stood out to me was, “ Law enforcement have used their power using excessive force in situations where it’s not required and where police are assuming the worse for their personal “protection.” I think this is shocking to read about because law enforcement have continued to abuse their power and nothing has been done to stop it and it has impacted many communities.
              Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because I really find it interesting the topics you write about. Your topic is an issue that many communities deal with and I find it very important that people are informed of what is happening.
              Edger Marquez

            • Dear Yasmin:
              I am saddened by your post, “Do The Police Deserve Our Trust”, because I don’t think it is right for a young 9 year old child to have to see the terror in their parents faces each time a police officer drives by their home. People need to feel safe in their community and especially in their own homes. Uniforms are their to protect and serve not terrorize and harass. One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “… he died after being shot by the police at least 12 times”. I think this is horrible because an innocent man got shot. That poor man stripped down to his underwear to show he was unarmed but was still shot because they believed he was armed. What kind of animal has the audacity to shoot an unarmed man after it is visibly clear he does not have a weapon on his person.
              Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because your research into police brutality and the steps you have in mind for police enforcement to take in order to gain back the trust from the community is not only necessary, but essential. Your examples of what the victims of police brutality have been through are heartbreaking. No man or woman should ever go through what those people have been through. Being shot when unarmed and when repeatedly saying “don’t shoot don’t shoot” is wrong and unforgivable. I hope those officers get their act together and actually start doing what they said they would do, which is protect and serve.
              Sincerely, Britney

            • Dear Yasmin,
              I am so happy that I got to read your amazing and informative blog because you used real life situations to help support your writing which made your blog so much stronger!
              One sentence you wrote that stood out for me was: “This affects the young community because they will always have that thought in there mind that it could be there last day living if they see a police officer because they might be stopped”. This stood out to me because it is not fair that the young community has to grow up in a place where there is a lot of police brutality. They shouldn’t be scared of stepping out of there homes because they can’t trust the police. Your post makes me want to learn more about this topic because I also believe it is important for us as a community to stop police from abusing there power.
              I really appreciate your writing and I look forward to reading your future posts as well!
              Thank you, Marleni💗

            • Dear Yasmin,
              I agree that many people do not feel safe around the police, especially minorities such as African Americans, and I believe the system has failed us many times by letting these officers off easy. The police enforcement definitely needs more training as well as more education. Many cops over the years experience trauma which affects their line of duty, but also some police officers do not know how to handle difficult situations and handle the situation violently.

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            Dear Chris
            I really like how your poem explained what is violence and you gave your perpective and your side of the story on violence. Something that you said that stood out to me is ”Violence creates death” because then you explain on why that is true because people are dying everyday. I also really admire how you where repartive in your poem…[Read more]

          • Failing isn’t a option

                           By: Yasmin Moreno


            I want this to poem to show how I struggle to write poems but never gave up just how Romeo and Juliet struggled to be with each other



          • Dear Edwin

            I really liked how you explained some of the main things that are important to your life. For example being a oaklander, latino, fan of sports, and the oldest son. I liked how you explained some of the stereotypes people think of you. Like how people think that you or latinos are criminals and drug dealers which is the dominant…[Read more]

          • Dear Maria

            I really like your shadow box it was very creative. It has lots of amazing objects that represent you as a person . For example that you really like hanging out with your friends which I can tell because you have pictures of them. But mainly I learn that some of the things that are important to you is your ethnicity, nationality and…[Read more]

          • This shadow box has one of the most important things that represent me like my race and my gender identity. These items have meanings which are important to me because it has help me understand today’s society. T

            • Dear Yasmin,
              I am proud of you and your shadow box because of how awesome it came out. It’s beautiful and the effort you put in it is noticeable. I also really enjoyed reading your statement. One of my favorite sections was when you explained why you didn’t include your nationality. It was relatable and cool. I also loved reading what you had to say about your parents and what the different colors represent. The different colors section was really cool to read because I hadn’t thought about it like that. Good job!:)

            • Just like you I am Mexican and I can relate to most of your story. My parents crossed the border illegally too and I know that this country has been harsh to immigrants but our generations can be the change we need. I like how you mentioned the flower your grandma gave your family before coming here, that is something meaningful and special for your family to always remember. Also the color paper is so creative because if other people would see it they might interpret it differently but the meaning that you gave it is creative. This part of your blog caught my attention, “Show what people have said that they think is the “true story”. The gems on top show that girls/women always like sparky stuff,” because never let society tell you what a women/men should or should not like. You will feel more free knowing that you are free to express yourself and ignore the role society wants you to play. What do you think you would put in this box 5 years from now?

            • Hi Yasmin,
              I really enjoyed reading your article about your shadow box. My favorite part about your article was reading how your grandmother gave your parents flowers as a good luck charm. I’m really close to my family and this made me think about them. I really liked how you compared your parents to a butterfly because it made me think about the freedom of traveling. The gems on the outside of the box are an interesting and true interpretation of women. People think that we are very fragile and pretty, but gems also represent the tough conditions they have to go through in order to become beautiful. Great job!

          • Dear Jose

            I am very interested in your shadow box because i learned new stuff about you. It has lots of objects that represent you as a person. I learned that you really like to play instruments like valve trombone. You like to play when you’re bored because then you won’t get bored. Another thing that stood out to me was that you are mexican b…[Read more]

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