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    Dear Chris
    I really like how your poem explained what is violence and you gave your perpective and your side of the story on violence. Something that you said that stood out to me is ”Violence creates death” because then you explain on why that is true because people are dying everyday. I also really admire how you where repartive in your poem…[Read more]

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    Failing isn’t a option

                   By: Yasmin Moreno


    I want this to poem to show how I struggle to write poems but never gave up just how Romeo and Juliet struggled to be with each other



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    Dear Edwin

    I really liked how you explained some of the main things that are important to your life. For example being a oaklander, latino, fan of sports, and the oldest son. I liked how you explained some of the stereotypes people think of you. Like how people think that you or latinos are criminals and drug dealers which is the dominant…[Read more]

  • Dear Maria

    I really like your shadow box it was very creative. It has lots of amazing objects that represent you as a person . For example that you really like hanging out with your friends which I can tell because you have pictures of them. But mainly I learn that some of the things that are important to you is your ethnicity, nationality and…[Read more]

  • This shadow box has one of the most important things that represent me like my race and my gender identity. These items have meanings which are important to me because it has help me understand today’s society. T

    • Dear Yasmin,
      I am proud of you and your shadow box because of how awesome it came out. It’s beautiful and the effort you put in it is noticeable. I also really enjoyed reading your statement. One of my favorite sections was when you explained why you didn’t include your nationality. It was relatable and cool. I also loved reading what you had to say about your parents and what the different colors represent. The different colors section was really cool to read because I hadn’t thought about it like that. Good job!:)

  • Dear Jose

    I am very interested in your shadow box because i learned new stuff about you. It has lots of objects that represent you as a person. I learned that you really like to play instruments like valve trombone. You like to play when you’re bored because then you won’t get bored. Another thing that stood out to me was that you are mexican b…[Read more]

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