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Providing for Your Children From Afar

In the article, “ The Children Left Behind” (Upfront, Smith, 2020) I learned that many parents from Venezuela are leaving their children in order to try and support them from afar. The reason that they are leaving their homes is because they are not making enough money to support themselves and their children and parents. You may think that it […]

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Are We Close To Ending Poverty?

In the article, “Can We End Extreme Poverty?” (Upfront, Smith, 2022) I learned that poverty around the world is a great issue. Extreme poverty to the World Bank is considered as living on $1.90 a day. In 1990, poverty was a big issue. About 36 percent of people worldwide were living in poverty. But as of 2017, only about 9 […]

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Do Sports help your Mental health relief or add to it?

In the article “Raising Their Voices” (Upfront, Gross, 2021) I learned that we all may know sports are a fantastic way to get yourself involved and out there. They serve to distract you from anything going on around you. When you are playing in a match or a game your main focus, your main priority is on the game. Playing […]

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