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    Feeling Blue?

    In the article "What Color Do You Feel?" discusses about how we compare feelings to colors. For instance, people often say that they "feel blue" when they're upset or unhappy. Or a lot of the time people say that...

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  • Dear Hanna,
    I really am amazed by the topic you chose to discuss about, it’s such a great question that truly makes you think twice. I especially liked how to gave information on both sides of the argument along with listing major points to it.

    A couple sentences that caught my eye was “A lot of people want to choose happiness when it comes…Read More

  • Dear Alex,
    I am very intrigued over the topic you chose, it’s a topic that is two sided and that has been debated on for many years. There are few states that allow this to be legal, and others illegal.

    A sentence that stood to me was, “One such research done by the state of California suggests that it is actually more expensive to execute…Read More

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    Yaslin commented on the post, PLASTIC PLANET

    Dear Pauline,
    I am glad you to decided to write and tell about such a major topic, I believe it’s so important for people to know that we ourselves have been polluting our beautiful ocean. Poor sea animals have been killed due to all the plastic waste that is thrown into the water.

    One sentence that stood out to me was “According to…Read More

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    Yaslin commented on the post, Blossoming Genius

    Dear Kate,
    I was very intrigued as I was reading your post, I really liked how you told the different ways a flower can be used for. I believe it’s pretty impressive how a flower can be used to represent romance or even be seen as a source of food.

    The sentence that stood out to me from your text is “Over the years there have been more…Read More

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Feeling Blue?

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