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Should Video Gaming Be Considered a Sport?

In the article, “Is Video Gaming a Sport?” (Upfront) I learned that playing video games can have several benefits. It can improve our reflexes, strategic thinking, and attention spans. It is shocking to learn how much esports have changed the dynamic of gaming in many ways. Often people find themselves asking whether esports is worth it. According to the article, esports can help pay […]

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Rise of A.I.

In the article, “The Rise of A.I.” (Upfront login required) I learned that we interact with A.I. regularly. A.I. has both benefits and detriments. Although A.I. can provide informations or solutions faster than humans which has the potential to help improve the world, it has faced intense criticism. People are beginning to wonder if A.I. will do more harm than […]

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Relationship between Screen Time and Children

In the article, “What Does Too Much Screen Time Do to Children’s Brains?” (Upfront) I learned that screen time affects children in many negative ways. They tend to lose sleep time and their behavior changes over time. I also learned that screen time doesn’t just affect children in psychological ways but also in physical ways as well. Children that spend […]

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Teachers & Education

In the article, “Teachers Walk Out for Education” (McGraw Hill) I learned that teachers are motivated to make movements when they believe that they aren’t being paid much for their work efforts. This situation is caused because the government doesn’t pay teachers much causing a lot of teachers to quit their job. In turn, the government ends up boosting education […]

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