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    Witch Hunts & Modern Justice

    In the 11th century up until the 17th century there was a mass hysteria pertaining to witches and witch hunts. It was believed by the christian churches that anyone who went against socially accepted religious beliefs was in association...

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    • I have always found this topic interesting, but I think that your insights were unique. I never knew that they attempted to make them right by renewing the cases. I think it is really cool that you found all of this information out. You did a great job of summarizing the history of witch hunts, but I think overall this was a unique perspective of describing them and bringing in modern history. Keep it up!

    • There is some really good detail in here Yarelli. I knew that witch hunts were outrageous but I didn’t know so many women could be targeted for them.

    • It would definitely be incredibly scary to be a woman in those times, and the amount of executions is frightening.

    • Dear Yarelli:

      This was a very interesting read! I, too, have previously learned that many women were executed after being accused of witchcraft due to various (oftentimes ridiculous) reasons. However, I wasn’t aware of the extent of people that were killed. That number is quite shocking! It’s crazy to see how much influence religion had back then because, honestly, I personally feel like it still has a lot of influence on people, their words/actions, and who they choose to criticize (or even harm) even in the present day. 

      The way you summarize your information was really well done! I was able to both understand the history but also be left with some curiosity. I am interested to learn more about these witch hunts. 

      I do have one question, though. How exactly are people being affected by this today? You mentioned something about people needing to be pardoned, are there still people who are being held accountable for past false accusations today? If so, how? Are they being incarcerated, or something else?

      Thank you for this post,

      -Maritza ^^*

  • Dear Adalia,
    I am astonished by your post, “The Damages of Child and Mother Separation” because it amazes me how much parent and child separation can even affect animals. It makes it very clear to me that if parent and child separation affects animals at such a great level to the point of starvation then it can definitely affect humans too.

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    Dear Lauren,

    I loved your post on fate and destiny because I think it is an interesting topic to discuss with others and it’s also interesting to see different perspectives on such topics are. I didn’t know fate and destiny were two different things so I was surprised to find out that there’s an actual difference between them.

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    Dear Shania,
    I am moved by your poem, “This Is My Body” because I believe it is important to honor what our bodies do for us. I think it is important to be nice to ourselves and our bodies. Our bodies deserve more recognition than they actually receive for everything they allow us to do.

    One sentence that stood out to me is, “My heart it…Read More

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    The Legacy of Sylvia Mendez - Hispanic Heritage Month

    In the article "Hispanic Heritage Month: Sylvia Mendez" (McGraw Hill) it explains how the Westminster v. Mendez case desegregated schools all over the state of California. Mexican Americans and white Americans were sent to different schools. While white Americans...

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