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  • Yan commented on the post, Fate is Real?

    Really interesting topic. I like how you interpret the definition of fate and contrast it with science and destiny. Your reasoning and claims for people who believe in either one of these three are compelling. I just read about a science experiment about a twin who was separated since they’re born and live in a different household, to figure out…Read More

  • Yan commented on the post, Backwards Benefit

    Corruption is inevitable when it comes into play because money always makes a financially-positive effect in one’s life.” I agree with your statement completely. I really like how you explain the chain effect of the money and power one gets, the more greedy one becomes. It just turns into bad circulation. Your example of President Ulysses S. G…Read More

  • Yan commented on the post, this is my body

    I love the use of metaphor in your poem. Strong as a lion. It visualizes your strength and power. The repetition makes your poem flow pretty well. It is related to you personally really well. I can see your strength come from your struggle, your meditation, your hood, and your mother. I am interested in more details of the struggles you have been…Read More

  • Yan commented on the post, Don't Text And Drive

    I like your post. It’s valuable warming for us to not texting while driving. I believe there are a lot of car accidents that happened nowadays are caused by texting or calling while drive. It’s hard for anyone to focus on a task with distraction. Driving needs to be highly focused. It’s dangerous if you are distracted by your phone while driving.…Read More

  • I’ve found your topic to be very interesting. Yeah, the Mayan prediction of the extinction of our civilization didn’t come true. There is two way to approach your question is that when is the end of human civilization or the end of the universe. Based on our knowledge, the universe has been here forever, we probably wouldn’t know the answer to wh…Read More

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