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    Should We Ban Cashless Businesses?

    In the article, “Should Cashless Businesses Be Banned?” there’s a debate on whether to get rid of establishments that don’t accept cash. Some think it’s a good idea to do so while others think we should leave them as...

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    • I think that it should be up to the business if they use cash or not but if it is something that is an essential business I would say that cash and card should be allowed.

  • Dear Alondra,
    I agree with your post “Your Hair, Your Right?” because hair is natural, I mean we’re born with it for a reason. What they did to the boy is unjustified because he did nothing wrong. They should have just let him put it up, but they really had him cut his hair or he had to forfeit which is absurd. I feel like there shoul…Read More

  • Yamile wrote a new post

    Teen Homelessness

    In the article, “No Place to Call Home” by Jessica Press and Rebecca Zissou I learned that there is a vast majority of youth without a home. There are many reasons for them being homeless such as them running...

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  • Dear Aaliyah,
    I found your post “Conditions of Being an Immigrant” devastating. These immigrants go through horrible conditions in which not even an animal should be treated that way. It’s heartbreaking to imagine being separated from your family, I can’t imagine what these poor children go through.

    One sentence you wrote that stood out to…Read More

  • Yamile wrote a new post

    Do You Know How The Electoral College Works?

    In the article, “Your Guide To The Electoral College?” I learned how the U.S. president is chosen. An electoral college is a group of electors from each of the 50 states that come together to elect the president and...

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    • Some people think the electoral college should be abolished and our president should be elected by the popular vote. What do you think?

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  • Yamile commented on the post, No More Suicides!

    Dear Leslie,
    I found your post “No More Suicides!” emotional because I have experienced the loss of a close friend due to depression. I agree with you that this is a serious topic that needs to be discussed more frequently. I think it’s disappointing that some people don’t take depression seriously and think that people could just get over it…Read More

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  • Yamile wrote a new post

    Should We Ban Plastic Straws?

    In the article, “Should Plastic Straw Be Banned? I learned that straws are not the problem of pollution. Everyday plastic straws are thrown away by Americans, and this plastic ends up in oceans.  Due to this many restaurants do...

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    • Dear Yamile,

      I think your argument is great, plastic straws are an issue and need to be talked about more. Since there are so many alternatives I think that getting rid of straws in most facilities would be beneficial. In cases like nursing homes, like you said they should not be banned. They should be much more limited then they are now. Straws can also be made to be better for the environment. Have you ever seen plant-based biodegradable straws? They are similar to plastic, but they are more eco friendly.

      Thank you for writing,
      Emily Knox

    • Dear Yamile:
      I am intrigued by your post, “Should We Ban Plastic Straws,” because I always thought that banning plastic straws was the way to go. Now that I have read your post I now know that banning them might not be a good idea.
      One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “And for those people that favor alternative straws, they have to think about the drawbacks because it’s difficult to sip hot drinks from paper straws, or some reusable straws aren’t easy to clean which can cause bacteria to build up. ” I think this is important because any other straws would not do the job properly like a plastic straw would do.
      Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because I like how you look both ways. Many people do know that straws have many pros to it and paper and reusable straws have many drawbacks.

    • Dear Yamile,

      I appreciate how you took the time to look at banning plastic straws from both sides. I agree that it is not as black and white as people may think. There are pros to both sides and everything should be considered. Personally, I think it would be beneficial to have a majority ban on plastic straws, replacing them with reusable or recyclable ones. This would drastically reduce the accumulation of plastic straws in the environment. However, by also allowing exception to a ban would mean that those who need straws could continue to use them. And like Emily said, plant-based biodegradable straws are more eco friendly and are becoming more widely used each year, so hopefully we are headed in the right direction. Thank you for your viewpoint, I’m glad to see that others are interested in plastic pollution as well.


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  • Dear Lindsey,
    Your post caught my attention because it’s actually something that I heard about a few weeks ago on the news. When I heard that the doctors at this ICE detention center were removing the uterus of many women I was in shock. I wasn’t even aware that the uterus could be removed. And the truly sad thing about this situation is tha…Read More

  • Yamile wrote a new post

    Why Are Many College Students In Debt?

    In the article, “Drowning in Debt” I learned that college graduates struggle for years to pay off their college debt. Many students find it hard to pay their tuition because college is expensive. Over the past 30 years, college...

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    • I like this post because this is something that everyone struggles with. Many families, since the very beginning have had a mindset that their children will attend school and college. There was no other exception but the only problem was how to pay for it. Yes, like you said over the years college prices have rose, giving high school students and others second thoughts. There is tuition, and final aid, taking out loans will help you in the moment getting your education but what are after? Everyone thinks in the moment and say I will pay it later after getting my degree. When it comes to that time in life, you have a pile of dept that you can not afford all in one time. You have a very good question, “Should college tuition be free?”. In my opinion , no it should not because not everything in your life of education is not free. Everyone has to work for your own benefit and for your own education if you really want it. Everything has a price to pay weather it is not in life or anything you do.

    • Dear Yamile, I am very interested and informed by your post “Why are many college students in debt?” because I believe college tuition should be free so many students wouldn’t end up in deep debt. I feel like debt is always a problem and a set back for college students its also always talked about. Two sentences you wrote that stood out to me is Some students say their debt is all they have in their mind and they feel like they’re just drowning. On the other hand, economists believe that college is worth it because it’s been proven that those with a college degree will be better off than those who only have a high school diploma as they have better chances of succeeding. I think is because strongly agree that without these high educations we wouldn’t be as successful however being in debt creates a whole problem later on which effects lives even with a high education. Thank you for writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because I find these topics interesting because I am soon to be a college student in the near future.

    • Dear Yamile,

      I think this topic is very important and at the forefront of a lot of people’s minds, especially seniors. All of us have heard that it’s hard to find a job if you don’t have a college degree but as you said “some are afraid of being in debt they will get discouraged and not want to go to college”. But that poses the question of where the money to lower school costs who come from? The government? And how would it affect private school prices, for people who want to go somewhere smaller and perhaps more focused?

      I personally feel terrified by the crushing weight of debt, especially considering I want to go out of state. Same as you, I know that my parents are going to help me with my bachelor’s but that still leaves any higher education I plan on getting as a potential future financial burden that I then have to spend a good chunk of my life paying off. I also think it’s important to keep in mind the fact that most classes are online right now. Is it really worth all that money and struggle to do classes over zoom?

      I greatly enjoyed your engaging style of writing and the personal connection was wonderful!

    • Yamile,
      I really think that this is an interesting topic that should be paid more attention to. I rather enjoyed reading about the proposed solutions to this problem that most college student and their families face. I’d think that maybe financial education may help students struggling with debt help pay off their loans more effectively? If you were to write another article about a topic in this field I would be interested in reading about financial education and the paying-off of loans. Something like this article (https://www.usnews.com/education/best-colleges/paying-for-college/articles/when-its-ok-to-stop-paying-student-loans) might be a place to start looking into this topic. I’m a senior in high school currently in the process of looking for a college that is a good balance of educational value and monetary value. It’s cool to read an article about a problem that I’m currently experiencing.

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  • Dear Fatoumata,
    I found your post “A Dish from My Culture” interesting because I enjoyed hearing about how passionate you are about your culture. I think it is important to learn about other people’s cultures because it is a huge part of one’s life. Everyone has different values and learning about their culture can expand your view to respe…Read More

  • Yamile wrote a new post

    Is Your Cellphone Draining Your Intelligence?

    In the article, “Are smartphones Making Us Stupid?'' there's a debate between two technology experts Andrew Keen and David Weinberger based on how phones have affected us. Mr. Keen believes that smartphones are making us stupid because most of...

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    • I think phones are a big distraction but do not decrease our intelligence. I also think they are very helpful. Phone helps us look up words we don’t know really fast, and we are able to contact friends or teachers when we need help with classwork. Phones can also be a distraction by giving us the temptation to text our friends and go on social media instead of doing work.

    • Yes, many may argue that social media is bad for us because of the amount of time we spend on it. What others don’t see though, is the information we view on social media. For example, Mr. Weinberger states that, “cellphones don’t make us stupid as they have made a great impact on society.” I agree with this because recently many have used social media to spread awareness of issues around the world. Without this resource, us, teens, wouldn’t have known about the realities in society.

    • Dear Yamile:
      I am fascinated by your post “Is Your Cellphone Draining Your Intelligence?” because the usage of cellphones has really skyrocketed recently and that is a huge impact on our society. There are many pros and cons of cellphones, it really depends on how we use them.
      One sentence that stands out to me is “Although there are other people that rely on their phones at all times, and in some cases, it’s even an addiction.” I think this is true because many people spend lots of hours on their phones, watching people live their life on social media. Whereas others use it to benefit themselves in intelligent ways.
      I look forward to seeing what you write next because this really opened my eyes to how we use our phones. It also just made me think about the wasted time I’ve spent on my phone when I could have been doing other things.

    • Dear Yamile
      I am very interested by your post, “Is Your Cell Phone Draining Your Intelligence?” because you brought some interesting information that caught my attention. One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “Never in history have we had so much access to ideas, information, and creativity”. The thought that our generation is the first generation that has access to such advance technology is crazy. Cell phones are such a useful tool and is probably the only one you need in most situations. Another sentence that I found interesting was: “Personally I think cellphones are a big distraction as sometimes we are connected more to our electronics than the real world around us”. This stood out to me because I’ve been noticing an increase of cell phone usage from everyone due to popular apps like Tik Tok or Snapchat. People would rather have quick and easy entertainment than meaningful interactions with the people around them, and I don’t blame them. Great post Yamile.

  • Dear Markie,
    I actually agree with your post “What would happen if we didn’t have sports?” because sports are popular whether you play or not. People enjoy sports by actively participating in them or just watch for entertainment. I personally love sports, I actually play basketball. Playing basketball helps relieve stress from school and it ke…Read More

  • Dear Ella:
    I found your post “Graduating in a Pandemic” to be relatable because I’m a part of the class of 2021. I know that this virus hit everyone unexpectedly because no one was ready for it. We all just assumed we would be back at school in a few weeks, but that never happened as we are still currently learning through online classes. It’s…Read More

  • Yamile commented on the post, Defend DACA!

    Dear Elizabeth, I was moved by your post, “Defend DACA!” because my older sister is a DACA recipient. I have seen her struggle a lot through the many opportunities that have been denied to her for not being born here, but having DACA has also given her benefits she wouldn’t be able to receive without it. I’m glad to see that she’s been able to…Read More



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