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  • Thank you so much for reading my blog. The part of your comment that stood out to me was,¨considering one time my dad was driving casually when out of nowhere he hit a pothole and got a flat right on the street.” I liked how you connected your experience to my blog. Look forward to hearing back!

  • Yadira commented on the post, Immigrants

    Dear Jose, I feel that your topic is an issue the government is not helping considering the situation. Overall your argument was strong and I didn’t feel lost in your article. Furthermore, one sentence that stood out to me was, ̈This is true because immigrants come to the United States for a better life.̈ This stood out to me because your who…Read More

  • Dear jacob, I liked reading this article because you gave two different thoughts about the move. I agree with the fact that the city feels abandoned. I feel the warrios gave Oakland more importance then what it has and now its taken away. Anyway thank you, I enjoyed reading your article.

  • Yadira commented on the post, Taken Away

    Dear Amilia, I liked you article a lot and I didnt know that many people got kidnapped. As a person who partailly watches the news in the afternoon I am not informed this many kidnaps, but What are the reasons of the kidnappings? Which age group is it? Which area is it most likely happening in? I think that this topic should be seen more on the…Read More

  • Yadira commented on the post, Drug Problem

    Dear Sugeiry, You article was one interesting one I didnt think I would come upon. I wasnt aware that Opiods led to a lot of homeless people in Oakland, and I am glad you put that out there. Teens being surrounding by it is not good as well, itll lead them under the freeway like most homeless people becoming like them. You article informed me a…Read More

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